How much is 1955 Fairlane?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Sunliner Convertible $39,000
Town Sedan $4,800
Victoria Hardtop $10,450
Victoria Hardtop $26,950

What is the difference between a 1955 and a 1956 Ford?

The easiest way to differentiate the ’55 and ’56 Fords is by their turn/parking lamps—on the ’55 they’re round (but elliptical in ’56, as we shall see). Note the complete lack of side chrome on this Mainline, the stripper trim level in 1955.

What engines were available in a 1955 Ford?

1955 Ford
Engine 223 CID (3.7 L) OHV I6 272 CID (4.5 L) Y-block V8 292 CID (4.8 L) T-bird V8 312 CID (5.1 L) T-bird V8 (1956)
Transmission Ford-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission
Wheelbase 115.5 in (2,930 mm)

How much did a new Ford cost in 1955?

What price luxury? If you were shopping for a new car in 1955, that number was approximately $3000. It was around that dollar amount that the vehicles we might now describe as premium starting kicking in.

What was the first year the Ford Fairlane was made?

The Ford Fairlane is an automobile model that was sold between the 1955 and 1970 model years by Ford in North America. Taking its name from the Dearborn, Michigan estate of Henry Ford, the Fairlane nameplate was used for seven different generations of vehicles.

What engine was in 1955 Ford Crown Victoria?

Engine manufacturer: Ford Y-block OHV V-8 272
Horsepower gross: 120.5 kW / 164 PS / 162 hp (SAE gross)
/ 4400
Torque gross: 350 Nm / 258 ft-lb
/ 2200

How much did a 1956 Ford cost new?

And the 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria Coupe shown here had a base factory price of $2,194 — that prior to license, taxes, delivery, dealer prep and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Why is it called Y block?

The Y-block engine is a family of overhead valve V8 automobile engines produced by Ford Motor Company. The engine is well known and named for its deep skirting, which causes the engine block to resemble a Y.

Did Ford make a Crown Victoria in 1955?

The 1955-1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria was the crowning gem of the bright two-tone and chrome era. One of the most imaginative cars of an imaginative decade, it took off for the heavens in looks — but never in sales.

How long is a 1955 Ford Fairlane?


Length : 198.5 in | 5042 mm.
Width : 75.9 in | 1928 mm.
Wheelbase : 115.5 in | 2934 mm.
Front Track : 58.0 in | 1473 mm.

Which models were released by Ford in 1955?

The Mustang was reportedly named for the World War II fighter plane,not the horse.

  • In Germany,the Mustang name was in use on a heavy-duty truck built by Krupp.
  • Ford Performance worked on a mid-engine Mustang prototype in the late 1960s.
  • What classic car was introduced in 1955?

    VIN E40265

  • Classic Car ID 101642216
  • Stock Number U0449
  • Category American Classics
  • Body Style N/A
  • New/Used Used
  • Mileage N/A
  • Engine 1500cc Inline 4
  • Transmission 3-Speed Manual
  • Exterior Color Red/White
  • What Ford vehicle was introduced in 1955?

    There is no denying the awesome design and style of the Ford Thunderbird. 1955 -1957 is known as the first generation of Ford Thunderbird. This was the time when the 2-seat convertible was introduced, which was actually the first 2-seat Ford vehicle since 1938.

    What was the price of a car in 1955?

    Prices in 1955. Prices for 1955. House: $9,100. Average income: $4,137. Ford car: $1606-$2944. Milk: $.92. Gas: $.23. Bread $.18. Postage stamp: $.03.