How much is a leopard frog pleco?

Leopard Frog Pleco Price They range in pricing from 40 dollars and upwards of 100 dollars.

How big do leopard frog Plecos get?

3.5 to 4.2 inches
Unlike the widely-seen Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) and Trinidad Pleco (Hypostomus punctatus), which easily reach a monstrous size of 18 to 20+ inches (45 to 51+ cm), the Leopard Frog Pleco grows to a size of only 3.5 to 4.2 inches (8.9 to 10.7 cm).

How many l number Plecos are there?

600 Documented
There are 600 Documented L-numbers currently, so picking the right one for your tank can be tricky. It is best to think in terms of how big your set up is going to be or how big it already is, most species of Pleco reach around 20cm size with the largest common Pleco reaching a whopping 24” in size.

Where are leopard frog Plecos from?

One of the most attractively patterned and sought after members of its genus, the Leopard Frog or Imperial Tiger Pleco is found in the clear waters of the Rio Tapajos and its tributary the Rio Jamanxim in Brazil.

What types of plecos stay small?

Plecos That Stay Small

  • Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco.
  • Pitbull Pleco.
  • Dwarf Snowball Pleco.
  • Angelicus Pleco.
  • Clown Pleco.
  • Zebra Pleco.
  • Queen Arabesque Pleco.
  • Bristlenose Pleco.

Are there types of plecos that stay small?

#1: Gold Spotted Dwarf Pleco (Parotocinclus Spilosoma)

  • Bristlenose pleco.
  • Clown pleco.
  • Blue panaque.
  • Angelicus pleco.
  • Queen arabesque pleco.
  • Dwarf snowball pleco.
  • Pitbull pleco.
  • Gold spotted dwarf pleco.

Which pleco is the smallest?

Average Size: 2.4 inches. One of the smallest pleco fish, the dwarf snowball, has white polka dots all over its body.

What is the best pleco for a small tank?

Minimum Tank Size: The Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco is the perfect choice for a smaller 10 or 15-gallon tank. It usually only grows to about 2 inches. It eats algae, biofilm, algae wafer, and vegetables and will help to keep your tank clean.