How much is a tank of nitrogen gas?

Typical 3 year cylinder supply costs for one LC-MS

Year 1 Total
Cost of gas ($45 per cylinder) $20,250 $60,750
Cost of cylinder rental ($50/month) $600 $1,800
Delivery cost ($30 per delivery of 5 cylinders) $2,700 $8,100

How much is a bottle of liquid nitrogen?

Liquid Nitrogen Price List

Quantity of Liquid Nitrogen in Liters Weight in Pounds Price @ $2/Liter
1 Liter 0.56 $ 2.00
2 Liter 1.12 $ 4.00
3 Liter 1.68 $ 6.00
4 Liter 2.24 $ 8.00

How much does it cost to buy a gallon of liquid nitrogen?

The farther you are from the condensing plant, the higher the cost of the liquid nitrogen. In addition, when delivered in Dewar flasks, liquid nitrogen costs about $2 per gallon but when delivered in bulk storage tanks, it costs about $0.50 per gallon.

Can you buy bottled nitrogen?

Supply Modes We offer nitrogen in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen dewars—available in a variety of sizes—to meet any and all low-volume needs.

How do I buy liquid nitrogen?

There are many places where you can buy liquid nitrogen: laboratory supply stores, grocery stores (in the frozen food section) and online retailers like that sell it in 5-gallon containers.

How long can you store liquid nitrogen?

DO NOT under any circumstances ever put liquid nitrogen in a sealed container, because the container will explode. You will find that a small Thermos will hold nitrogen for about a day. Larger bottles will do better. This is normal, because the nitrogen continually evaporates even in the Thermos.

Is nitrogen gas easy to get?

Nitrogen in its diatomic form is abundant in nature as a major component of air. Nitrogen constitutes approximately 78% (by volume) of air. This makes it a free, readily available source for nitrogen – eliminating the need for complex chemical synthesis.

What happens if you put your hand in liquid nitrogen?

“If a few drops fell on your finger it would immediately boil and roll away, the finger probably wouldn’t come to much harm. “But if you put your finger in liquid nitrogen, it would go rock solid and fall off,” he says.