How much is AWP Asiimov worth?

AWP | Asiimov

Skin Quality Price Volume
StatTrak Field-Tested $252.72 4
StatTrak Well-Worn $173.53 3
StatTrak Battle-Scarred $129.04 6
Field-Tested $119.09 50

Why is AWP Asiimov so popular?

Why is AWP Asiimov so popular in CSGO? It’s an extravagant skin but it’s not the price that makes Asiimov a hot commodity. Dozens of professional CSGO players registered historic shots with their Snipers wrapped in Asiimov, including the AWPing legend KennyS.

How much is Asiimov skin?

With a price range between $47.11 and $170.00, the AWP | Asiimov is a rather affordable skin. Fortunately, it’s currently widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets.

Is AWP Asiimov good?

Regardless of any recent options, the AWP Asiimov is a dream-come-true to all CS:GO players. There are many well-known series of skins in CS:GO. You have most probably seen rifles from the “Wildfire,” “The Emperor,” or “Neo-Noir” set at least once.

What case has Asiimov AWP?

When it first appeared in the game, “Asiimov” was known as part of the “Winter Offensive” case, which was released in December 2013. This box contains only the M4A4 version of the skin, which soon went on to become the rarest and most expensive item.

Is there an Asiimov knife?

2020 version of our custom made csgo knife with Asiimov finish. Features new and upgraded construction with advanced 3D coating. Dull and cannot be sharpened….Brand new model combines agressive look with futuristic tones. Trully the best gift to any cs fan!

Asiimov Asiimov 2020
Construction Channel Sandwich

What case has AK Asiimov?

The AK-47 | Asiimov was first introduced to CS:GO 3 years ago, on December 6th, 2018. It was released as part of the Danger Zone Case, alongside the “Welcome to the Danger Zone” update.

Who created the AWP?

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
Designed 1982 (PM), 1983 (AW)
Manufacturer Accuracy International
Produced 1982–present