How much is Ryder from Paw Patrol worth?

How much is Ryder net worth?

Net Worth: $16 Million
Last Updated: 2021

Where are Ryder’s parents from Paw Patrol?

Ryder’s parents have never been seen, heard or mentioned. However, according to an October 2016 PAW Patrol News Twitter response, Ryder’s parents are indeed “around”, but they intend to keep the show focused on him and the pups.

How old is Ryder from Paw Patrol?

Ryder is a 10-year-old boy who runs the Lookout and serves as the leader of the other PAW Patrol Live! characters. Ryder adopted each of the puppies and trained them to be a part of PAW Patrol. When he receives a distress call, he summons the pups by sounding the PAW Patrol Alarm from his PupPad.

Is there a Ryder Paw Patrol Toy?

Featuring authentic detailing and working wheels, Ryder’s Rescue ATV is ready to take on exciting rescue missions! This ATV vehicle includes a collectible Ryder figure. Wearing his signature uniform and helmet, Ryder is ready to save the day! The PAW Patrol are on a roll!

Who is Alex in PAW Patrol?

Alex Porter is a young boy who lives in Adventure Bay. He is Mr. Porter’s grandson.

Is Tracker a PAW Patrol?

Tracker is a jeep-driving pup with super hearing who lives in the jungle with Carlos. Tracker made his debut and became the eighth PAW Patrol pup in “Tracker Joins the Pups!”.

How old is Skye from PAW Patrol?

Skye (voiced by Kallan Holley in Season 1 to Season 5, Lilly Bartlam in Season 6 onwards) – Sky is a 7-year-old cockapoo who serves as the team’s air rescue pup. Her signature color is pink.

Who is Ella in PAW Patrol?

Ella is a Golden Retriever pup who is one of the Mighty Twins. She has a twin brother named Tuck.

Will PAW Patrol’s Ryder stay on his four wheeler?

The best part about this toy is that Ryder (the boy character in the Paw Patrol series) actually will stay on his four wheeler! We have a lot of toys where it is very difficult to get the character to stay on or in their vehicle when you drive them around.

What kind of ATVs does PAW Patrol have?

Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rocky and Rubble all have transforming vehicles! Paw Patrol Ryder’s Rescue ATV comes to the rescue of Paw Patrol fans ages 3+. New (13) from $19.99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon.

Can you roll with Ryder on his Rescue ATV?

It’s time to roll with Ryder on his Rescue ATV with real working wheels for push play action! Ryder’s articulated arms let him remain poseable on and off of his Rescue ATV! Collect each lovable Paw Patrol character and work together as a team! Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rocky and Rubble all have transforming vehicles!

What can you do with PAW Patrol for kids?

Go off-roading with Ryder and the Paw Patrol by collecting the entire line of Paw Patrol vehicles. Together, your child’s imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. Choose from Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rocky and Rubble.