How much is Shopify POS per month?

Shopify plans start from $29 USD/month. For scaling retail businesses that see a lot of foot traffic, have multiple tiers of staff, or a large inventory catalogue, we recommend adding the POS Pro subscription to unlock additional POS features for your business.

How much does Shopify POS take per sale?

Payment processing costs

Shopify plan In-person payment processing rate Additional transaction fee for not using Shopify Payments
Basic Shopify 2.7% per transaction. 2%.
Shopify 2.5% per transaction. 1%.
Advanced Shopify 2.4% per transaction. 0.5%.
Shopify Plus Variable rates. 0.15%.

Is POS free on Shopify?

All Shopify ecommerce subscriptions come with the free version of Shopify POS; however, to access Shopify’s paid POS plan (Pro), you will have to have both Shopify’s ecommerce subscription ($9–$299/month) and a POS subscription ($89/month per location).

Does Shopify do POS?

Shopify POS is a point of sale app that you can use to sell your products in person. You can use Shopify POS to sell almost anywhere, including brick-and-mortar stores, markets, and pop-up shops.

How much does a POS system cost?

The range for restaurant POS systems cost typically falls between $79 – $150 per month for software. In addition to monthly software costs, the hardware costs are a one-time fixed cost that starts at $799.

What is the least expensive Shopify plan?

‘Basic Shopify’ pricing. ‘Basic Shopify’, at $29 per month, is the cheapest Shopify plan which enables you to create a fully functional, standalone online store.

What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify POS?

Your Shopify store is where you manage information such as your customers, inventory, and account details regardless of where you sell. The Shopify POS app handles customer-facing activities and your in-store settings.

Is Shopify POS included in basic plan?

The basic POS Lite plan is included with all Shopify plans at no extra fixed monthly charge. However, you will still need to pay per-transaction charges and any hardware costs.

How do I avoid transaction fees on Shopify?

You can avoid transaction fees by activating Shopify Payments, which is Shopify’s own payment provider.

Does Shopify take a cut of sales?

Shopify also takes 1.6% of each online sale, and 20p. You are getting a lot for your money. This is for established businesses that have achieved a certain amount of ecommerce success, and want to grow further.