How much is the original Boba Fett action figure worth?

The J-slot prototype Boba Fett action figure is a rare find even by those standards, Winter said. β€œThe only other J-slot prototype we have offered – an *AFA 85+ NM+ example – sold in November 2019 for $185,850,” Winter said. “Since then, demand and value have continued to rise steadily.”

Does Boba Fett have Slave 1?

Boba Fett has his own iconic ship, the firespray gunship previously known as Slave One.

Why did they change Boba Fett’s ship name?

The conundrum began when last Fall’s LEGO release for the vehicle was labeled “Boba Fett’s Starship”. Many eyebrows were raised at the time, but LEGO executives claimed that the decision was made for product branding and marketing purposes as requested by Disney.

Why are Jango and bobas armor different?

“This armor belonged to my father.” Jango’s armor was inherited by his cloned son, Boba Fett, who became a deadly bounty hunter. With Jango’s death, his armor passed to Boba. During the Clone Wars, Boba tried to kill Windu with a bomb that he planted inside his father’s helmet.

What is the rarest thing in Star Wars universe?

Star Wars: The 10 Rarest Toys & How Much They Cost

  1. 1 Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $150,000.
  2. 2 Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000+
  3. 3 Double Telescoping Darth Vader – $64,000+
  4. 4 Vlix – $45,000+
  5. 5 Vinyl Cape Jawa $28,000+
  6. 6 Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker – $25,000+
  7. 7 FX-7 (Palitoy Tri-Logo) – $11,000+

How many original Star Wars action figures are there?

Kenner Star Wars action figures are a line of over 100 unique toys, produced and sold from 1978 to 1985, among a total of more than 300 million Star Wars action figures sold then….Kenner Star Wars action figures.

The Star Wars “Early Bird Certificate” toy line from a 1977 Kenner catalog
Type action figures
Availability 1978–
Materials plastic