How much orthene is in a gallon of water?

1 TEASPOON per gallon
What’s the mixing ratio for a gallon of water? Answer: the original product (Orthene 97) says to use 1 TEASPOON per gallon of water to spray for other insects.

What is the active ingredient in Orthene?

The active ingredient in ORTHENE 90 S is acephate, a water-soluble insecticide readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage to give systemic control of feeding insects.

How do you take Orthene 97?

Orthene 97 is applied at a rate between 4 to 16 oz. per acre depending on the area and/or crop being treated. For more specific application rates please refer to the label.

Is orthene safe for humans?

CAUTION: ACEPHATE is a Mild Cholinesterase Inhibitor. Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Avoid inhaling dust or spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

How do I mix orthene?

Orthene PCO Pellets come in an easy to use packet which is mixed 1 packet per gallon of water.

Can I use Orthene for roaches?

It kills, Roaches, Spiders, Mice and bedbugs.

Is acephate toxic to humans?

Health Effects Acephate can cause cholinesterase inhibition in humans; that is, it can overstimulate the nervous system causing nausea, dizziness, confusion, and at very high exposures (e.g., accidents or major spills), respiratory paralysis and death.

How do you mix Orthene insecticide?

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Thoroughly clean all sprayer components prior to ‘mixing. Add approximately 1/2 of the required amount of water to the spray tank and begin agitation. Add the required amount of ORTHENE 97 insecticide and mix thoroughly.

Can orthene be used as a drench?

The product label for Orthene Spray 97 Insecticide does not give instructions for using as a soil drench for root aphids only as a foliar application. 8 of 46 people found this answer helpful.

Is Orthene safe for indoors?

Orthene PCO Pellets are mixed with water to create a powerful insecticide. It is made with the active ingredient Acephate and can be used to control various insects such as cockroaches and ants. It is safe to use indoors and will control perimeter areas outdoors.

How long does it take for Orthene to work?

1-2 days
Once the rains stop and colonies can be seen, I apply Orthene and the mounds are typically dead in 1-2 days with no follow up required.