How much snow did Chicago get in 2013?

82.0 inches: 2013-2014. 77.0 inches: 1969-1970.

What year did it snow the most in Chicago?

On January 26 and 27, 1967, Chicago endured its worst snowstorm on record. The snow started at 502 AM on the 26th, and by 1010 AM of the 27th a record 23 inches of snow crippled the city.

What was the worst winter in Chicago?

Record snowfall for a single storm The single day record of 16.4 inches (41.7 cm) for January 26 was later broken by the Chicago Blizzard of 1979 when 16.5 inches (41.9 cm) fell. Between January 26 and February 5, 36.5 inches (92.7 cm) of snow fell, which is typical for an entire Chicago winter.

Has Chicago ever had snow in July?

Snow has never been observed in Chicago in July and August, with the earliest start to the fall snow season being traces that fell on Sept. 25 in 1928 and 1942.

What is the snowiest month ever in Chicago?

Snow Climatology for the NWS Chicago County Warning Area

Normal First Date: October 31 April 14
Earliest First: September 25, 1942 March 4, 2012
Latest First: December 5, 1999 May 25, 1924

What is the record for snow in Chicago?

Chicago’s snowfall climatology dates back to the 1884-85 snow season and over the course of those 138 seasons, Jan. 26 with a total of 87.4 inches boasts the most snowfall of any day of the year. That total is buoyed by the 16.4 inches that fell in 1967, the first day of the city’s benchmark 23.0 inch “Big Snow”.

What year was the blizzard in Chicago?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Wednesday’s extreme cold is certainly rough to deal with, but it’s probably still better than facing the historic blizzard that slammed Chicago 55 years ago today. On Jan. 26, 1967, snow started falling on Chicago, and didn’t stop until more than a day later, after there were 23 inches on the ground.