How old is Janie Turner?

59 years (December 6, 1962)Janine Turner / Age

Who is Janine Turner’s daughter?

Juliette Loraine GaunttJanine Turner / DaughterJuliette Turner is an honor student, singer, dancer and the National Youth Director for Constituting America. Google Books

Was Janine Turner on a soap opera?

Likely because Turner’s career began in modeling, the beauty first graced the soap opera Dallas as a friend of Lucy Ewing named Susan. She appeared in three episodes of that show, and it led to an even beefier recurring role on General Hospital.

Where is Janine Turner today?

Actress Janine Turner, best known for her starring role in the ’90s TV cult classic Northern Exposure, lives a private life today on a ranch in Texas with her daughter, Juliette. Janine has never discussed the identity of Juliette’s father.

How tall is Janine Turner?

5′ 6″Janine Turner / Height

Where is Janine Turner from?

Lincoln, NEJanine Turner / Place of birth

How old is Janine in real life?

Charlie Brooks
Born 3 May 1981 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 1995–present
Known for Role of Janine Butcher in EastEnders

What happened to Laura Templeton on General Hospital?

The citizens of Port Charles started to worry when a third blonde woman named Laura (Sulwald) was found with facial lacerations after she had also disappeared. David Grey was ultimately found responsible for taking Laura Templeton. He had been hypnotizing Laura Templeton and had mixed up the two Lauras.

Why did Northern Exposure end?

The actor’s own exposure, thanks to a lead role in Robert Redford’s well-regarded “Quiz Show” in 1994 led to his departure from the show. New characters were introduced to compensate. But the series had lost its rooting and CBS’s confidence. and was cancelled in 1995 after 110 episodes.

Where is Maggie from Northern Exposure?

Cicely, Alaska
Maggie remained in the small town of Cicely, Alaska, flying an air taxi and supplementing her income as the local real estate agent. She serves a term as mayor of Cicely.

How old is Kiki Brooks Truman?

17 years (December 8, 2004)Kiki Brooks-Truman / Age