How old is Nathaniel Newman?

Nathaniel Newman, a 15-year-old boy who has the same Treacher Collins syndrome as the main character Auggie, has a story that’s just as compelling.

How many cases of Treacher Collins syndrome are there?

Mandibulofacial dysostosis, also known as Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS; entry 154500 in the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [OMIM] classification system), is an inherited developmental disorder with a prevalence estimated to range between 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 70,000 of live births.

What does Treacher Collins syndrome look like?

People with TCS often have eyes that slant downward, sparse eyelashes, and a notch in the lower eyelids called an eyelid coloboma. Some individuals have additional eye abnormalities that can lead to vision loss. It also characterized by absent, small, or unusually formed ears.

What are Auggie’s character traits?

Storyboard Text

  • August “Auggie” Pullman.
  • Character Traits: – brave – friendly – inspirational – self-conscious – smart.
  • Relationship to Auggie: – self.
  • Quote to Show Kindness Level: “AUGUST PULLMAN’S PRECEPT Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.” –
  • Via Pullman.

What is the scientific name for Treacher Collins syndrome?

TCS is named after Edward Treacher Collins, a London ophthalmologist who first described the disorder in the medical literature in 1900. TCS is also known as mandibulofacial dysostosis or Treacher Collins-Franceschetti syndrome.

Is Treacher Collins syndrome a disability?

Treacher Collins syndrome is the major cause of mandibulofacial dysostosis and is due to mutations in the TCOF1 gene. Usually patients with Treacher Collins syndrome do not present with intellectual disability.

What causes Treacher Collins syndrome?

Mutations in the TCOF1, POLR1C, or POLR1D gene can cause Treacher Collins syndrome. TCOF1 gene mutations are the most common cause of the disorder, accounting for 81 to 93 percent of all cases. POLR1C and POLR1D gene mutations cause an additional 2 percent of cases.

What was Auggie born with?

August Matthew “Auggie” Pullman is the main protagonist in Wonder. He was born with a facial deformity, a combination of Treacher Collins syndrome and a hemifacial microsomia, which prevented him from going to a mainstream school up until the fifth grade when he enrolled at Beecher Prep.

How long does a person live with Treacher Collins syndrome?

Prognosis. Usually, people with Treacher Collins syndrome grow to become functioning adults with normal intelligence. With proper management, life expectancy is approximately the same as in the general population.

How common is Treacher Collins syndrome?

TCS affects about one out of every 50,000 babies born. TCS is always genetic but usually isn’t inherited. For about 60% of the children who get it, neither parent carries the gene. For them, the chances of passing it along to another child are quite low.

What is Crouzon syndrome?

Crouzon syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. It is a form of craniosynostosis, a condition in which there is premature fusion of the fibrous joints (sutures) between certain bones of the skull.

What causes Treacher Collins syndrome kids?

What Causes Treacher Collins Syndrome? Almost all children with TCS have a mutation (change) in one of three genes that control bone growth in and around the face. The mutation causes a change in a baby’s growth very early in pregnancy. For a few people with TCS, the gene causing the problem is not known.

What disease does Jono Lancaster have?

Jono Lancaster was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. This rare genetic condition, which is believed to affect around one in 10,000 babies, meant that he was born with no cheekbones and hearing difficulties.

How is TCS inherited?

TCS is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. This means inheriting one gene mutation is enough for an individual to be affected and show signs of TCS. The mutation can be inherited from an affected parent or it can occur brand new (de novo) in an affected child.

How do you treat Treacher Collins syndrome?

There is no cure, but skull and face (craniofacial) surgery can improve speech and reduce some of the more severe craniofacial anomalies. Treacher Collins syndrome is also known as mandibulofacial dysostosis or Franceschetti syndrome.

What is a good quote from Wonder?

1. “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.” 2. “I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”

Who is the best character in wonder?

Top Ten Wonder Characters

  • Auggie Pullman. Cutest, smartest, sweetest, and most brave character!
  • Jack Will. I like Jack Will because he’s funny but he’s not perfect like Summer is.
  • Summer Dawson. I love how she is so smart pretty and popular in her own way.
  • Via Pullman. She is a great sister.
  • Justin.
  • Isabel Pullman.
  • U.
  • Olivia Pullman.

What are the symptoms of TCS?

Signs and symptoms of TCS include some parts of the body developing in an abnormally or incompletely: These body areas include:

  • eyes, including lazy eye, an inability to focus, and vision loss.
  • lower eyelids, which may include notching and sparse or absent eyelashes.
  • cheekbones and jaw.
  • chin.

Who has Treacher Collins syndrome?

TCS occurs in about one in 50,000 births in Europe. Worldwide, it is estimated to occur in one in 10,000 to one in 50,000 births.

Who was the first person to get Treacher Collins syndrome?

Thomson was the first to refer to this syndrome in 1846. In 1900, Dr E Treacher Collins, a British ophthalmologist, described two children who had very small cheek bones and notches in their lower eyelids. Therefore, the condition gets its name from him.

What is Justin’s last name in wonder?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Jacob Tremblay Auggie
Nadji Jeter Justin
Benjamin Ratner Mr. Davenport (as Ben Ratner)
Jason McKinnon School Photographer
Izzy Lieberman Reid

Is the boy in wonder really deformed?

“They had a neck piece, a face piece connected to a mechanism to make my eyes droop, contact lenses, dentures and a wig,” Tremblay told ABC News. “Wearing the prosthetic helped me to become the character.” Jacob Tremblay, right, and Julia Roberts are pictured in a scene from “Wonder.”

What are the 3 main characters in wonder?


  • Auggie.
  • Via.
  • Jack Will.
  • Summer.
  • Julian.
  • Charlotte.
  • Christopher.
  • Miranda.

Is Auggie Pullman a real person?

R.J. Palacio’s 2012 book, “Wonder,” tells the story of 10-year-old Auggie Pullman, a fictional boy with facial differences, and his experiences in everyday life dealing with the condition. The book was inspired by a real-life encounter Palacio had with a child who had a craniofacial disorder.

Who is Daisy in wonder?


What disease does wonder have?

The movie “Wonder,” based on the New York Times bestseller, premiered worldwide today, and although the movie is fictional, the storyline sheds light on a rare craniofacial condition affecting one in 50,000 newborns: Treacher Collins syndrome.

Who are the characters in the story wonder?

Wonder Character List

  • August “Auggie” Pullman. Auggie is a ten-year-old boy who was born with a facial deformity.
  • Via Pullman.
  • Isabel Pullman.
  • Nate Pullman.
  • Jack Will.
  • Summer Dawson.
  • Julian Albans.
  • Mr.

Who gets Treacher Collins syndrome?

Treacher Collins syndrome is present when a baby is born (congenital). The condition is also called mandibulofacial dysostosis and Franceschetti-Zwalen-Klein syndrome. Treacher Collins syndrome happens in about 1 in 50,000 newborns worldwide.

What is Lancaster syndrome?

The condition is characterised by severe, disabling fatigue and a combination of other symptoms including muscular pain, concentration problems and intolerance to exercise.

Does Auggie in wonder have autism?

But exactly what condition does Auggie have in Wonder? After her book was published in 2012, Palacio specified that Auggie has a severe form of a genetic condition called Treacher Collins syndrome.