How old is Scott McCartor?

68 years (March 4, 1954)Scott McCartor / Age

Who is Scott McCarter?

Scott McCartor was born on March 4, 1954 in Los Angeles, California, as Scott Robert McCarter. He is an actor, known for Rattlers (1976), Adam-12 (1968) and The Partridge Family (1970).

Who played Opie’s friend Arnold?

Sheldon Collins
Sheldon Collins, Opie’s good pal Arnold He can barely muster the courage to ask her to Arnold Bailey’s 13th birthday part.

Who played the spoiled kid in Opie and the Spoiled Kid?

Ronnie Dapo
Ronnie Dapo, “The Spoiled Kid” You might remember Dapo best as Arnold Winkler, the titular kid in the episode “Opie and the Spoiled Kid.” He threw a tantrum in the police station when Andy refused to release his $75 bicycle from the impound.

Who played the bully in one punch Opie?

Scott McCartor
Scott McCartor, the bully McCartor played the bully Steve Quincy in “One Punch Opie.” You know, the immortal episode with “Nip it!” This bad influence tried to convince other Mayberry boys to go steal apples.

Who was the man whittling on Andy Griffith?

But there’s one citizen that appears over and over, yet doesn’t have a name. If you’re an avid watcher of Andy Griffith’s eponymous show, you’ll probably recognize this minor character. He usually stays in the background and wears a white fedora. According to Roger Schlueter, the actor’s name was Tom Jacobs.

How many cast members are still alive from The Andy Griffith Show?

When Betty Lynn, who appeared as Thelma Lou in 26 episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” in the early 1960s, died at 95 this week, it left Ron Howard, who played red-haired little-boy Opie, as the only regular cast member still alive. (“Opie” is 67 now, which means that some of us are “getting on up there.”)

Who played the rich kid on The Andy Griffith Show?

Ronald Bailey (19 years old) was the spoiled teenager with a rich father. Staying in Mayberry however, and seeing the relationship between Andy and Opie- he eventually changes his ways and gains more responsibility for his own actions….

Ronald Bailey
Portrayed by Bill Bixby