How old is Shorty from bust a groove?


Name Age Dance Style
Kelly 23 Modern Jazz dance
Kitty Nakajima (Kitty-N) 17 Vogue
Pinky Diamond Unknown Classic 1970s Motown
Shorty 12 Funk dance (Candy Hip-Hop)

How does bust a groove work?

Gameplay The game mechanics are quite simple and focuses on beats. The player needs to press a series of arrows that appears on the interaction bar using the D-Pad and be able to press the corresponding face button (Circle or X) every fourth beat of the music to execute a dance move otherwise, it will be a miss.

How do you use Jammer bust a groove?

A Jammer is a special ablity used to throw the opponent off-guard. Every character has one Jammer and these can be used twice during the dance-off. The opponent however can dodge these by selecting the square button at the right time.

Who made bust a groove?

Metro CorporationBust a Groove / Developer

What does busting a move mean?

To depart
(African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To depart. “It’s time to go. Let’s bust a move.” (African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To save oneself from an awkward situation with a woman. “Hey, did you see Bob last night with that chick?” “Yeah, he had to bust a move and got laid.”

When did bust a groove come out?

January 29, 1998Bust a Groove / Initial release date

How many bust a groove games are there?

The game got two sequels, Bust-A-Groove 2, and Dance Summit 2001, the latter of which never saw a release outside of Japan.

What does the idiom shake a leg mean?

to hurry up
a. to hurry up: usually used in the imperative.

How do you unlock Robo-Z?

Complete the game with Capoeira. Complete the game with Heat. For the Japanese version of the game, complete the game in mix mode and unlock the Pander bonus level….

Infinite Specials P1 3005FC33 0002
Unlock Pander 3004F667 0001
Unlock Robo-Z Gold 3004F668 0001
Unlock Columbo 3004F669 0001
Unlock Sushi Boy 3004F66A 0001