How tall does a Bismarckia palm get?

30 to 60 feet
The Bismarck palm is a native of Madagascar that grows to a height of 30 to 60 feet with a spread of 12 to 16 feet. The massive 4-foot-wide costapalmate leaves are typically silver-green in color, but a light olive-green-leaved variety also exists (Figure 1).

How fast does a Bismarckia palm grow?

A Bismarck palm is a big investment, both in time and money. The tree only grows one to two feet (30-60 cm.) per year, but over time it grows quite large. To ensure that it will be there for years to come, you need to know when to water Bismarck palms, and how.

How do you care for Bismarckia nobilis?

Watering and Feeding Bismarck palm trees grow best in climates with frequent rainfall. While it tolerates short periods of drought, it thrives with frequent moisture. Water the soil around the base of the trunk, supplying moisture directly to the root system. Once established the plant rarely needs palm fertilizer.

When Should Bismarck palms be pruned?

Bismarck palms can be pruned at any time of the year, but only completely dead leaves should be removed by cutting the petiole close to the trunk. Avoid cutting leaves that are only partially dead, as these are serving as a supplemental source of potassium to the palms.

Do Bismarck palms need lots of water?

Bismarck Palm Care Commit to watering the palm every day during the first month. For the next five months, water it two to three times a week, keeping the roots moist but not waterlogged. Then water once a week until you reach the two-year mark, after which the tree should be established and drought-resistant.

How do you prune a Bismarck palm tree?

Are Bismarck palms self cleaning?

As they reach maturity, Bismarck Palms become self cleaning, with their massive fronds falling on their own, leaving the split leaf bases on the trunk. Unlike other palm varieties, however, these too will eventually fall, leaving an attractive ring-shaped scar.