Is a flush valve the same as a syphon?

The syphon is a type of flush valve which acts as an internal plunger. When the handle is pressed, the syphon draws up the water which then passes through a folding diaphragm washer before bridging over to the syphon outlet.

Are toilet syphon universal?

They really actually all do the same job but operate slightly different. Most toilets are the same so it is just the mechanism’s that are different. The part of the toilet that stores the water is called the cistern and these will have in generally a 2” opening at the bottom to which the 1 ½” siphon sits into.

How do I know which toilet flush valve I have?

The first step you’ll need to do is identify the brand of your particular valve, this is usually stamped onto the top or side of the plastic. Failing this the branding on the cistern or toilet might be the actual manufacturer of the internals, large brands such as Roca and Armitage Shanks generally follow this route.

Why does my toilet not always flush?

A clog is the most common reason for a toilet that doesn’t flush. Clogs can range in severity, from a complete blockage to a partial obstruction. Wipes, toilet paper and other items can build up in sewer lines, which could result in slow flushing that doesn’t completely clear the bowl.

How do I know what size toilet Syphon I need?

Another common question we regularly get asked is “what size Syphon do I need to order?” Most Syphons range in size from 7.5″ up to 10.5″ in height, for the Macdee range of Siphons you measure up from the bottom of the bell housing, to the lip of the top cap, where the two plastics join.

Are toilet Syphon universal?

Where is the siphon on a toilet?

The siphon jets are small openings under the rim of the bowl. If these jets become clogged, your toilet will not flush properly. Flush the toilet and watch how the water flows, it should swirl. If it comes straight down, the holes need cleaning.