Is a free standing kitchen cheaper?

Not only is a freestanding kitchen more affordable than a traditionally fitted one, it’s an easy way to update an existing one. And if you’re looking for kitchen ideas with character and personality, adding freestanding elements will take the space from looking functional to fantastic.

What is a unfitted kitchen?

An unfitted kitchen is almost self explanatory. It is simply a kitchen in which the pieces are not built in to the room. There are no custom cabinets, no stationary island, no built ins, no vast expanses of countertops. In fact everything in the room that can be is free standing.

Can cabinets be free standing?

Free standing cabinets have some good advantages compared to wall mounted cabinets. For one, they are easily portable. They can also be put up even in small kitchens where they double up as a kitchen table. It’s also a nice way to step out of traditional cabinetry and give your kitchen a more unique look.

What is an inbuilt kitchen?

Built-in appliances are either completely or partially housed inside cupboards or units and their doors are usually fixed to the cupboard door, so they can be hidden from view. They integrate seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

What are free standing appliances?

Freestanding appliances are just that, standing free from built-in structures in the kitchen. Built-in appliances are integrated into the kitchen’s cabinets and walls. Each of these come with different benefits that you should weigh out with your kitchen designer before deciding.

What is an Unkitchen?

An unkitchen: It is a little more like a living room. It does not look like what we expect to see, with dozens of upper cabinets over counters lining the perimeter of the kitchen with a huge island in the middle. The cabinets are usually painted either in white or earthy colors.

What is bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is one that is entirely unique to each and every client. There is no standard sizing, and whilst we have kitchen designs that can be followed for inspiration, we can create completely unique designs for every customer.

Why do kitchen cabinets have legs?

The cabinets have legs which can be individually raised or lowered so you’ll be able to adjust them perfectly even if there are imperfections in the flooring. What is this?

How do you secure cabinets to the floor?

You don’t need to secure kitchen cabinets to the floor if they run along a wall. Instead, drill screws through the back of these cabinets into the studs behind the wall. But free-standing kitchen cabinets, such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars, do need to be anchored to the floor with screws so they don’t move.