Is a PET scan the same as a SPECT scan?

The main difference between SPECT and PET scans is the type of radiotracers used. While SPECT scans measure gamma rays, the decay of the radiotracers used with PET scans produce small particles called positrons. A positron is a particle with roughly the same mass as an electron but oppositely charged.

Which is better PET or SPECT?

PET Scan Images are Clearer PET scan images are generally reported to offer a higher resolution of 5 to 7 mm, compared with a cardiac SPECT scan resolution of 12 to 15 mm. With a higher resolution, radiologists can detect changes to the heart’s blood flow at a granular level.

What is the difference between PET MPI and SPECT MPI?

PET myocardial perfusion has a 95% sensitivity and 95% specificity for detecting coronary artery disease, while SPECT myocardial perfusion has an 87% sensitivity and 73% specificity for detection.

Why is PET More Accurate Than SPECT?

For basic research, PET is the more flexible tool, because innovative tracers are more easily synthesised for PET than for SPECT. In addition, the spatial resolution of PET is better than that of SPECT – far better. This is due to the physical nature of nuclear decay of positrons.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SPECT as compared to PET?

While PET is more expensive in terms of purchasing equipment, SPECT radio tracers also have half-lives of up to six hours, allowing a lot of imaging time, while PET tracers only have a half-life of about 75 seconds. SPECT radio tracers are also much cheaper and more abundant than PET tracers, Dr. Jain said.

Why is PET more sensitive than SPECT?

The most important advantage of PET imaging over SPECT is that of exhibiting a much higher sensitivity (by approximately two to three orders of magnitude); i.e., the ability to detect and record a higher percentage of the emitted events, which has very important implications (see coincident detection in PET subsection) …

Why is PET scan better quality than SPECT scan?

One of the biggest pluses for PET scanning is the superiority of its image quality. For example, it tends to have fewer artifacts in images than SPECT. PET provides high spatial resolution and the capability to provide quantitative estimates of blood flow.

What is a CV MPI PET?

WHAT IS A CARDIAC PET MPI EXAM? A cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) exam is used by doctors to evaluate the health of your heart by measuring the blood flow that it receives. People who receive this exam may have symptoms and/or risk factors for heart disease.

Which is more sensitive PET or SPECT?

Is PET scan accurate?

In studies of colorectal cancer patients, the accuracy of PET alone was 74% to 85%, and the accuracy of PET/CT was 89% to 97%. PET/CT increased the certainty of findings in 30% to 50% of lesions (9–11).