Is ashiatsu massage good for you?

The Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue technique used to provide pressure on the muscles to help elongate them. Since the therapist’s foot is broader than the hand as they are using their weight and pressure to target muscles, it provides wider strokes without causing enduring pain.

Does ashiatsu feel good?

Deepest Deep Tissue Massage Possible But, Ashiatsu massage with the foot feels like a giant hand. And the heel of the foot acts as a giant thumb. Again, this is an alternative to the use of a bony elbow. A nice benefit of this massage is that it feels much gentler.

What modality is ashiatsu associated with?

Ashiatsu is a form of massage that uses two parallel bars attached from the ceiling for the massage therapist to hold onto while using different parts of the foot to apply massage. Ashiatsu is Western massage modality that has heavy influences in the Eastern hemisphere.

What happens during ashiatsu massage?

Ashiatsu massage involves the therapist walking on your back to provide the deepest massage possible. The therapist uses bars and other supports to vary the pressure applied in certain places on your back. Ashiatsu massage also targets specific acupuncture and pressure points along your back.

What does ashiatsu massage feel like?

Ashiatsu offers deep, broad compression without sharp discomfort. Ashiatsu is meant to feel more like a mesmerizing Swedish massage — deep broad pressured flowing strokes — with no pain.

Does ashiatsu hurt?

Do massage therapists walk on back?

Ashiatsu or the back walking literally involves the massage practitioner walking barefoot on your back. It is common for the therapists to hold on to the especially attached ceiling bars or any other prop to balance and support their body and at the same time give as much pressure to your back as you like.

What is the difference between shiatsu and ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu means foot pressure, as opposed to shiatsu (meaning finger pressure).

What is the massage called where they use their feet?

Ashiatsu is a generic name for a type of barefoot massage where the massage therapist uses their feet to provide deep compression, gliding strokes and assisted stretches(ROM). Massage has been around for centuries, but most people think about massage being performed with the hands, not the feet.