Is Avanti bikes a good brand?

Avanti are not the fanciest/flashest bikes out there, but they have very good quality frames from a build/material point of view. They also have an extremely good warranty policy which all adds up to mean that businesses like mine (specializing in frame repairs) don’t get to see many Avantis in the workshop at all.

Who makes Avanti Bicycles?

Sheppard Cycles
Avanti put its first bicycle into the New Zealand market in 1985 and since then has built its range to 100+ models catering for all areas of cycling from kids bikes right through to Olympic bikes….Avanti (bicycle company)

Type Private
Headquarters New Zealand
Products Bicycles
Owner Sheppard Cycles

Where are Avanti Bicycles made?

Operating out of New Zealand, Avanti is a bicycle manufacturer with a strong presence in the Australasian region.

Are Avanti bikes made in China?

The company went on to manufacture 10-speed road bikes and the Avanti brand, Italian for ‘moving forward’, was born in 1985. When steel frames were replaced by alloy and later carbon, manufacturing moved overseas to China.

Is Avanti MTB good?

All the parts are excellent, reliable, it’s a solid, decent bike, but it’s not doing anything unique. Bigger hits were well handled. It’s the smaller impacts where we found the Avanti lacking. We expected a smoother ride.

Are Avanti bikes made in New Zealand?

Avanti is a world class bike brand from New Zealand producing bikes for Olympic athletes right through to kids, all built with a strong design ethos. Each Avanti has been designed with the rider in mind, to not only exceed expectations but also deliver the best experience possible on two wheels.

What is the right size road bike for my height?

Road bike size chart

´╗┐Rider height Frame size
4’10” – 5′ 148 – 152 47 – 48
5′ – 5’3″ 152 – 160 49 – 50
5’3″ – 5’6″ 160 – 168 51 – 53
5’6″ – 5’9″ 168 – 175 54 – 55

Is Avanti montari 2 a good bike?

With its light alloy frame and easy handling the Montari 2 is the perfect platform for trail riders wanting to hone their riding skills.

What bikes are made in NZ?

From the velocipede to the penny farthing, the Raleigh 20, Loline, Chopper and the BMX – millions of bicycles have been manufactured in New Zealand over the past 150 years.