Is Barcelona good for skateboarding?

Barcelona is widely known as the top skateboarding city in the world and as a mecca for the sport. While Los Angeles is the birthplace of modern skateboarding, Barcelona’s skateboarding culture started to explode after the 1992 Summer Olympics, which modernised and transformed the city.

Is skating popular in Spain?

Skate parks can be found across Spain, but Barcelona holds the reputation as the national skateboard capital, as well as international standing as one of the world’s best skateboarding cities. Locations that prove popular with freestyle skaters include the plaza outside the MACBA contemporary art museum.

Where can I ice skate in Barcelona?

3 Places to Ice Skate in Barcelona

  • L’Illa Diagonal Ice Rink. Located in L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre is one of the few ice rinks that intentionally opens at Christmas.
  • Barça Skating Club and Ice Rink. Here you can enjoy a spot of ice skating all year round.
  • Kaliu Park.

Why is Barcelona so good for skateboarding?

Ask any skater what makes Barcelona such a great city for the sport and the answer is generally – aside from the obvious good weather, fantastic food and chilled-out atmosphere – that the city’s design harbors lots of great skating spots and the police are generally much more tolerant of skaters than in other places in …

Is skateboarding allowed in Madrid?

Starting this Friday the 23rd of February skateboarding in the streets of Madrid will be illegal! This new law is part of the new Sustainable Mobility ordinance which seeks to reduce current sidewalk traffic from non-pedestrians like skateboarders and motorized scooterers.

Where is Barcelona Christmas Market?

The Fira de Santa Llúcia is Barcelona’s biggest Christmas market and located in front of Barcelona’s cathedral in the Gothic quarter.

Is Madrid good for skating?

Madrid is a synonym for skateboarding. Spain’s capital has one of the greatest skateboarding scenes across Europe, and is a place where you can actually enjoy really good vibes skating with the locals.

Is Barcelona cold in December?

Barcelona Weather in December Temperatures don’t fall too low at this time of year in Barcelona, despite it being among the city’s coldest months. With temperatures generally ranging from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 16 degrees Celsius), the weather provides time for some pleasant winter strolls.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Barcelona?

December is a great time to visit. Expect low accommodation prices and fewer crowds around major attractions. If you’re interested in watching the sunrise in Barcelona at popular attractions, it’s a lot easier since the sun rises two hours later than usual.

Is skateboarding illegal in Madrid?

Can I swim in Barcelona in December?

Swimming in Barcelona in december is possible… with a wetsuit! Indeed, the water is cold at this time of year with an average sea temperature of 60°F (minimum: 56°F – maximum: 64°F).