Is Battlefield 3 shutting down?

An EA representative responded to reports that official EA and DICE servers for console versions of Battlefield 3 were being shut down and replaced by privately-run servers, telling Polygon, “DICE is not shutting down servers.”

How do you level up fast in Battlefield 3?

If you are looking to level up fast in Battlefield 3, choose a class, your favorite weapon and gadgets, and start with Team Death match. You can earn plenty of XP and reach your goal quickly. Every squad based task earns your more XP than usual.

Was Battlefield 3 a success?

Battlefield 3 made a splash in the gaming world after launching the same year as the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3, yet still seeing great success on its own.

Are there Battlefield 3 servers?

Battlefield 3 is finally free… of the tyranny of official servers. After five years in development, Venice Unleashed, or VU, has finally gone public. The mod reverse-engineers the server code of Battlefield 3 in order to produce a platform for not just privately-hosted servers, but for mods of every kind.

What year is bf3 set in?

Setting and characters. Battlefield 3’s Campaign story is set during the fictional « War of 2014 » and covers events that occur over the span of nine months. Most of the story takes place in the Iran–Iraq region. Other locations include the Iranian-Azerbaijani border, Paris, and New York City.

Why is BF3 so popular?

BF3 was one of the many games in the franchise that gave players four classes to choose from, and each class can be tinkered to a certain degree to fit a player’s playstyle. BF3 had the right combination of gadgets per class in order to make each have a specific place on the battlefield.

Do many people still play Battlefield 3?

In order to play Battlefield 3 with bots, you’ll need to create your own Battlefield 3 server….Are there still Battlefield 3 servers?

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 94.9 218
July 2021 108.1 256
June 2021 155.1 382
May 2021 68.0 156