Is Bkool better than Zwift?

Bkool is definitely more realistic than Zwift in many ways such as the draft, avatars, sprinting positions, wind, and routes/courses, so if you are looking for a realistic platform, then Bkool is a great option….Overview.

Features/Details; Scored out of 5 Bkool Zwift
Equipment Compatibility 5 5

Is Bkool compatible with Zwift?

If you have a Bkool trainer, you’ll probably need to update your ANT+ FE-C protocol before you can use it with Zwift. FE-C stands for “Fitness Equipment Control” and is a newer protocol on the market. What FE-C does in simplified terms is assists you with setting resistance levels on your trainer.

What is ERG on Bkool?

ERG mode lets you control the desired power at all times, since the resistance applied by the trainer will adjust automatically, regardless of your speed, cadence or gear, to keep the power at the specified value.

How many routes are there in Bkool?

We already know that the Bkool simulator is the only one featuring a truly wide variety of real cycling routes, made possible thanks to the cooperation of its users.

Can you use Bkool without premium?

There is a free version of the Bkool simulator, but it is very basic compared to the premium offering. Effectively, if you have the bike, you are pretty much forced to pay the £7.99 per month (£78 per year) for premium access, which seems a little galling on top of the £1,199 the bike itself costs.

Does Bkool sync to strava?

You can automatically sync your activities from Bkool to Strava by connecting your accounts: Create an account on From the My Activity menu on your Bkool account, locate the Strava tab and connect your accounts.

How do you set up a Bkool trainer?

If you’re all set… follow these steps

  1. Test your equipment. BKOOL is compatible with a wide rage of trainers and devices.
  2. Download the Simulator. Register for free and try BKOOL Cycling for 30 days.
  3. Pair your equipment. Once you have installed the App, you will need to pair your devices before starting your training.

How can I contact Bkool?

E-mail: [email protected].

Should I use ERG mode?

First, using ERG mode is helpful for people who struggle to pace their efforts and regulate their power. There’s often a temptation to go harder than planned over the first few intervals, which might mean you can’t complete the last few. ERG mode prevents this by fixing the power in the correct range.

Should you change gears in ERG mode?

ERG Mode (Resistance Control Mode) There’s no need to shift in this mode as the resistance will change automatically, and we recommend keeping a steady and easy-to-hold cadence throughout the entire ride (unless workout instructions tell you otherwise or you need to “ramp up” your pedaling for a tough interval).

Can you race on Bkool?

Compete in our leagues with cyclists from all over the world Measure your power and become the boss of e-cycling by competing in the BKOOL leagues. Train, prepare for important races and fight to be number one against other cyclists!

How much does BKOOL cost per month?

Premium subscription to the Bkool simulator costs £7.99 a month, or you can opt for a 20 per cent saving at £78 for an annual membership after the initial three month free subscription expires. Bkool also offer a range of other accessories, such as training mats and heart rate monitors.

Is the bkool pro worth it?

For an electronic trainer with resistance control, the Bkool Pro is a relatively good deal. Although you do get roughly accurate power information and post-ride analysis, however, the Bkool is more of an entertainment/motivation training tool than a hyper-specific training device.

What is the bkool pro trainer package?

The package consists of the electronic trainer, a power cable, a wheel block and an ANT+ USB stick. Bkool’s Pro Trainer interacts with the Simulator software, adding resistance the faster you go, or the steeper the virtual hill. Using the ANT+ USB stick, you can ride Bkool on Mac and PC.

What is the bkool one smart pro?

The current BKool range includes a lower cost unit with progressive resistance (the £164 Bkool One) and this Smart Pro, which allows control of resistance from a variety of software platforms not just the Bkool simulator package, thanks to ANT+ FE-C compatibility. That also lets you control it from a Garmin Edge 520 or 1000.

Does the bkool pro trainer video reflect the position of the riders?

The video itself, of course, doesn’t reflect the position of any riders – it’s just something to look at as… The Bkool Pro Trainer is an ANT+ electronic trainer built for interactive 3D training and multiplayer online racing using the company’s software, which works on newer PC and Mac computers.