Is Boeing plant open for tours?

We welcome guests to our Gallery, Sky Deck and Boeing Store. The Boeing Factory Tour is currently closed, we don’t have a projected reopening date at this time. Stay tuned to our communication channels by signing up here to receive the latest updates.

How much is the Boeing Factory Tour?

The cost is $79.00 per person with discounts for seniors and children. This includes the $25.00 per person Boeing factory tour ticket fee charged by the Boeing Company for their 1.5 hour tour of the Boeing facility.

Does Boeing do factory tours?

The Boeing Factory Tour is a visit inside a working assembly plant, which can be noisy and active depending on the day and time. Each tour is about 90-minutes long and includes fascinating facts about Boeing and the planes that bear its name.

Is the Boeing tour worth it?

Is the Boeing Tour Worth It? In short, it depends. While the tour is quite interesting, it is not as great as I believe it really could be. Seeing airplanes in the process of assembly is cool – especially when you see the green coating that they put on airplanes that are yet to be painted for protection.

Why is the Boeing Factory Tour closed?

The aviation center closed a year ago due to COVID-19.

Is Boeing still open?

While the Boeing Factory Tour remains closed, the Gallery, Sky Deck, and Boeing Store are now open to business with new health and safety measures in place (see below for a complete list of the modified precautions). The Gallery includes a new exhibit featuring over 150 current and future Boeing products and services.

How long is the Boeing tour?

90 minutes
Please plan ahead by using restrooms at the Boeing Future of Flight prior to leaving for the tour. Tours are provided in English and run 90 minutes.

Can you visit Airbus factory?

Plane-spotters can arrange a guided tour of Toulouse’s massive JL Lagardère Airbus factory, near the airport in Blagnac, 10km northwest of the city centre. The main factory tour includes a visit to the A380 and A350XWB production lines.

Why is Boeing factory tour closed?

Who is Boeing owned by?

Keating, Leanne G. Caret, Theodore Colbert, Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc. (BLK), and Newport Trust Co. Below we look in more detail at Boeing’s top 6 shareholders.

Is Boeing still in Seattle?

Boeing first moved its executives to Chicago in 2001, leaving the Seattle region, which had been the aerospace giant’s home for decades and is still where most of its commercial airplanes are produced.

Why is Boeing Factory Tour closed?