Is Cedele cake healthy?

They sell good bread, for example olive bread, walnut and raisin bread and beetroot bread, or even soft white bread with grains. Their carrot cake and banana espresso cake is really good. We tried their menu, and it is definitely healthy.

What is Ondeh Ondeh cake?

Ondeh Ondeh is a traditional kueh which are cake balls filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut.

Is Cedele membership free?

Just $25 gets you the Cedele membership card, and with $30 worth of points, you can start earning and reaping the great benefits as soon as you sign up.

Is Cedele carrot cake healthy?

Cedele’s classic best seller, the Carrot Cake ($6.50 per slice, $48 for 8” whole) is denser than the norm and contains generous amount of walnuts. For the health-conscious, it is baked using grapeseed oil, sweetened with organic unrefined sugar and contains no trans-fat.

How long can I keep Ondeh Ondeh cake?

Vegan Ondeh-Ondeh cake should be stored in the fridge and consumed within 3 days. It freezes well, and will last longer in the freezer.

How much is pandan cake in Singapore?

Mad About Pandan Cake, $50 a 25cm cake It costs a steep $50, but each cake is infused with intense pandan flavour — about 30 leaves are blended to make pandan juice for just one cake, which is also baked with fresh coconut milk.

What is cedele cake?

Cedele offers cakes with fresh cream, frostings, crunchy nuts, fruit toppings and more! It blends unique flavours such as pandan and guala meka into its cakes which make them a great choice for the young and old alike. Cedele has 6 main categories of cake flavours, namely classic, chocolate, cheese, pound cake, cupcakes and bar slices.

How to get to cedele Bakery Cafe (Raffles City) in Singapore by MRT?

How to get to Cedele Bakery Cafe (Raffles City) in Singapore by MRT? Walk about 88 meters from Exit A – Esplanade via Raffles City to Cedele Bakery Cafe (Raffles City), walking time is around 2 mins. What are the nearest bus stations to Cedele Bakery Cafe (Raffles City)?

Where can I get food delivery from cedele bakery kitchen?

Cedele Bakery Kitchen (HillV2) is accepting food delivery order via phone at +65 67107174 or contact form. 4 Hillview Rise #01-12/13 HillV2, Singapore 667979.

How many flavours of pound cakes does cedele offer?

Cedele offers 7 flavours of pound cakes, each with its unique design and mixture of flavours. Ranging from cherry chocolate to orange chia seed and even yuzu cranberry, these pound cakes are sure to leave you craving for more!