Is Chi VUOL La Zingarella an aria?

Aria: ‘Chi vuol la zingarella’

Who is Giovanni Paisiello?

Italian composer Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816) was one of the most successful and influential opera composers of his day. Most of his 80-plus operas are comic, simple, and direct, getting to the plot more quickly and keeping it moving–a style different from previous composers.

What opera is Chi VUOL La Zingarella from?

by Giovanni Paisiello (1740 – 1816), “Chi vuol la zingarella”, R 1.79 (1789), first performed 1789, from opera Gli zingari in fiera, no. 3 [sung text checked 1 time]

What instruments did Giovanni Paisiello play?

His instrumental music includes symphonies, a harp concerto, string quartets, and sonatas for harp and for violin and cello. In the 20th century, Il Barbiere and La Molinara were revived, and several of his operas and piano concerti, string quartets, and keyboard pieces were republished.

What is Nel cor piu non mi sento about?

Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento literally means ‘in my heart I feel no more’ and was originally an aria from the opera La Bella Molinara by the Italian composer Paisiello. Paganini arranged the aria for violin, wrote an Introduction and Variations and premiered the piece in 1821 in Naples, Italy.

When was Nel cor piu non mi sento written?

“Nel cor piu non mi sento” is a duet from Paisello’s most famous opera, La Molinara, written in 1788. By 1795, when these variations were written, this opera had been performed in Vienna many times that Beethoven was wise to compose a piece that utilized such a well known tune.

When did Paganini write Nel cor piu non mi sento?

In 1821 Niccolò Paganini composed Nel cor più non mi sento for solo violin. It consists of 7 variations on a theme from the opera La Molinara (composed in 1788) by the Italian composer Paisiello.

What is Nel cor più non mi sento about?