Is Chibiusa in love with Hotaru?

Hotaru and Chibi-Usa are close friends. There are places were even males hold hands like in India. It’s all platonic.

Who is Chibiusa boyfriend?

Summary. As Chibiusa becomes even more romantically infatuated with Pegasus (especially since she discovered his true identity as the handsome Helios), Usagi and her friends realize that she is in love, and are determined to discover the identity of her secret crush and sweetheart.

Do Chibiusa and Helios marry?

Late in the series, it is heavily implied that she will marry her own prince in the future, Helios. She also develops and matures as a Sailor Soldier throughout the manga, assisted by her own guardians, the Sailor Quartet, and eventually saving Sailor Moon’s life.

How old is chibiusa?

903+ years old
Chibiusa has pink hair and red eyes. Like Usagi, she wears her hair in odango, though instead of the buns being round, they are styled to look like a rabbit’s ears. She is older than she looks in the manga. She is 903+ years old, as was told by her father King Endymion.

Why is Sailor Saturn not Sailor Pluto?

Takeuchi decided that she wanted to tell a story about time travel and needed to come up with a new Sailor Soldier, she opted to go with Pluto instead of Saturn for both practical and thematic reasons.

Why is Usagi jealous of ChibiUsa?

The reason why she was jealous because she felt he was spending more time with her ( since they just recently got in the relationship) and didn’t understand that he felt a kindred spirit with her. So she was very insecure and jealous with it since this relationship was still brand new to her.

Why does ChibiUsa have pink hair?

We determined that ChibiUsa’s hair is pink because of Usagi’s rabbit-pun origins… but I can’t get over the simple fact that rabbits aren’t pink.

Is Helios in love with Chibiusa?

When Chibiusa first sees Helios, she’s immediately drawn to him. As explained later, they’re fated to be together. While it’s admittedly a forceful way to pair up a couple, it somehow works because Chibiusa is so young and things such as fate and true love are so enchanting to girls that are within her age group.