Is Darjeeling tea bitter?

Black teas undergo full oxidization, but most Darjeeling teas are less than 90% oxidized. Because they are technically oolong teas, they brew to a light amber infusion with a fresh, floral aroma. They have a spicy flavor that is often described as “muscatel” and can have a slightly bitter finish.

Is Darjeeling tea like English breakfast?

Darjeeling brews are also a little spicier than Assam brews. Leaves of second flush have less astringency and the liquor so obtained has a distinct muscatel fruity flavor. That is why they are referred to as “Champagne of Teas”. English Breakfast teas, on the contrary, are strong and have earthy nutty taste.

Is Darjeeling tea sweet?

Darjeeling is frequently called the “Champagne of teas,” with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to muscat wine. But it can also have delicate vegetal, mossy, fruity, and citrus flavors.

Can you put milk in Darjeeling tea?

Darjeeling tea is among the most sought after teas by connoisseurs and avid tea-drinkers across the globe. It’s a tea that’s best enjoyed on its own without the addition of milk. Tea aficionados consider it sacrilegious to add milk to first flush varieties of Darjeeling tea due to its delicate flavour.

What tea is closest to English Breakfast tea?

1. Earl Grey. The perfect way to start the day is with a cup of Earl Grey. This robust blend is similar to English Breakfast tea.

What is the difference between Darjeeling and Earl Grey?

For example, traditional English Breakfast tea comprises of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan black teas, while Earl Grey is usually a blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam with the addition of bergamot oil. Today we explore how black tea is produced, the different grades of black tea and why we should be drinking black tea.

Do you put milk in Darjeeling tea?

Is Earl Grey a Darjeeling tea?

Earl Grey Darjeeling Tea offers you the best of both worlds. It is a type of Black Tea from the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. We add bergamot oil to give it a distinctly “Earl Grey” finish.

How do Indians drink Darjeeling tea?

However most Indians drink Assam tea with milk and sugar whereas Darjeeling tea, considered the ‘crown jewel’ or ‘Champagne’ of Indian teas, is drunk black. “Darjeeling is a tiny tea-growing region compared to Assam – where half the tea of India is produced – but the best tea is grown in Darjeeling,” Koehler added.