Is Dragon Herbs a good brand?

Dragon herbs is always the best highest quality!! Absolutely amazed that we get the opportunity to have these from the creator. What a wonderful company. Thank you Ron for being who you are and insisting on quality over everything else.

What is dragon Herbs Diamond Mind?

Diamond Mind Drops is designed to support the mind. It contains the root of the remarkable Himalayan adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola sacra. Tibetan Rhodiola grows at more than 14,700 feet above sea level, above the snowline, under extremely adverse conditions.

What is a diamond mind?

Diamond Mind is an enlightened state of mind. Its qualities are brilliant clarity, laser focus and abundant energy. Like a perfectly cut diamond, it is luminous and strong. We all have a seed of diamond mind, but most people rarely, if ever, experience it.

Is Dragon Herbs Organic?

Dragon Herbs offers many organically grown herbs as well. For instance we are one of the few rare providers in the Western World of certified organic Red Ginseng, Astragalus Root, Gynostemma, and others that are also Di Tao (sourced from their true primeval growing sites).

Who is Dragon Herbs?

Ron and Yanlin Teeguarden, the founders and handson leaders of Dragon Herbs, have dedicated their adult lives to finding, producing and delivering the best herbs and superfoods in the world to their customers and clients.

What is Spring Dragon tea good for?

It is calming when one is overexcited and invigorating when one is fatigued. BALANCE METABOLISM – Spring Dragon Tea helps balance the body’s metabolism. It has a reputation in Asia as a major aid in weight management and dieting. Gynostemma has been shown to have a double-direction activity with regard to weight.

Where is a diamond mine?

It’s finder’s keepers at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. The only public diamond mine in the world, Crater of Diamonds offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure – the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and to keep any mineral you find.

How are diamonds found and mined?

Open-pit mining, such as the Kimberley Big Hole, involves removing the layers of sand and rock found just above the Kimberlite. The ore in the pit is then broken up by blasting. Once this ore is broken, it is loaded and then transported to a primary ore crusher where the diamond extractor process begins.

What are Dragon Herbs good for?

Astragalus fortifies the protective Qi (Wei Qi) that circulates just under the skin and in the muscle. This surface energy controls the opening and closing of pores and is our. It strengthens metabolic, respiratory and eliminative functions.

Who owns Dragon Herbs?

Yanlin Teeguarden
Ron has altered the lives of thousands of people by providing them with a new set of amazing mental, spiritual and nutritional tools – reflected in his book “31 Tips – The Path to Glowing Health Is the Path to Wisdom.” Ron and Yanlin Teeguarden are co-founders of Dragon Herbs, a purveyor of fine tonic herbal products.

What is the Chinese dragon tea?

Longjing Tea, or Dragon Well Tea in China, is a kind of green tea as well as the most popular tea in China. It is reputed for its green color, beautiful shape, long-lasting fragrance and mellow taste. In addition, it is a helper in losing weight, resisting aging, allaying tiredness…

What does Tonic alchemy do?

Tonic herbs are consumed throughout the world on a daily basis to promote Radiant Health. Tonic Alchemy nourishes the whole body by increasing balanced energy and vitality, supporting detoxifation, boosting immune responses, building the blood, increasing activity and quantity of antioxidants, and much more.