Is DVS still a company?

Following a Chapter 11 filing in 2012, Podium Distribution ceased to exist as a company.

Who owns DVS shoes?

Sequential Brands Group, Inc.DVS Shoes / Parent organization

Are DVS shoes good for skateboarding?

Despite the bulkier look (normal as being a reinvented heritage model) from today’s majority of skate shoes, these shoes have plenty of boardfeel and they are flexible due to the the molded Vaporcell midsole. The outsole is grippy and the tread pattern works perfect.

Do DVS shoes run small?

The only drawback with these shoes is they run REALLY small. I usually wear size 5-1/2 in mens (I’m female & wear 7-1/2 in womens), but had to get a whole size larger in order for them to fit.

What does DVS stand for in DVS shoes?

The DVS Shoe Company was founded in 1995 by Kevin Dunlap and professional skateboarder Tim Gavin . Dvs stand for Drugs, Violence and Shoes.

What company is DVS?

About DVS – DVS Shoe Company. DVS is a global footwear brand dedicated to inspiring youth to have fun and always push forward. With a focus on originality, quality, and innovation, we create a diverse range of performance & lifestyle products designed for those who share our passion for defying boundaries.

What does the brand DVS stand for?

Where does Cody Mcentire live?

Yeah, I’m living in Long Beach right now.

Are DVS shoes good for wide feet?

Actually tested and approved, the DVS Commanche 2.0 are great for skaters with wider feet! Less durable than expected but overall a very confortable skate shoe that handles impacts like no other. Keep in mind that they wear fast, especially after 50 hours.

Do DC shoes fit like Vans?

DC shoe sizes compared to similar brands Based on the official sizing charts, DC skate shoes match brands like Etnies, Vans, and Five Ten in the men’s sizing scheme. Ladies, however, may have to adjust from 0.5 to 1 US size, depending on the brand.

What is DVS full form?

DVS – Department of Vehicle Services.

What does DVS stand for?


Acronym Definition
DVS Digital Video System
DVS Digital Video Services
DVS Design Verification Specification
DVS Digital Vinyl System