Is God of War Ragnarok coming in 2021?

At the Sony PlayStation Showcase on September 9, developer Sony Santa Monica and publisher PlayStation Studios announced that God of War Ragnarok has been delayed to 2022.

Why can’t I play God of War on Xbox?

God of War is not going to run natively on Xbox consoles. Not unless Sony has an even bigger surprise up its sleeve. The way it will work is via game streaming. Nvidia offers a game streaming service called GeForce Now.

Is Gow 5 coming out in 2021?

God of War: Ragnarok is due to release sometime in 2022 on PS5 and PS4, following a delay from its initial 2021 release window. Prior to the official announcement of the delay, there was already speculation, given that Sony hadn’t mentioned the sequel in its plans for 2021 following the game’s announcement.

Is God of War Available on Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, if you’re an Xbox 360 owner who is hoping to play God of War on that console, you’re out of luck. At the time of writing, God of War is a PlayStation exclusive and it isn’t due to make its way to any other console.

Is God of War only for PlayStation?

As fans eagerly await the 2022 arrival of God of War: Ragnarok, many who never got a chance to play the 2018 God of War game will finally be able to do so on an entirely new gaming platform. Sony announced that the game will be arriving on PC on January 14, 2022.

Does Xbox have Spider-Man?

While Playstation appears to currently have some form of exclusivity on the character of Spider-Man in gaming, you can still play a solo game with the character on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms.

Will Kratos go to Asgard?

After months of speculations, PlayStation finally announced the next adventure of Kratos and his son Atreus in God of War Ragnarök.

What consoles is God of War on?

Overview. The God of War series is a Sony-exclusive franchise of third-person action games that has appeared on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 3 consoles. The game takes place during the mythological time of ancient Greece, inserting the protagonist Kratos into Greek myth.

What can you play God of War On?

If you don’t have a PlayStation 3 for the compiled versions, God of War, God of War II, God of War III, God of War: Ascension, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, all are available as part of the PlayStation Now service.