Is Good Night Mr Tom a true story?

Going back to the origins of the story, it was the wartime experiences of Michelle’s mum that were, in no small way, the inspiration for Goodnight Mister Tom. “Mum saw a lot of the war. She was a nurse in London on a children’s ward and also on a burns unit during the Blitz.

What was Michelle Magorian first book?

Goodnight Mister Tom
Michelle’s first novel Goodnight Mister Tom grew out of two short stories. She wrote the book in between acting jobs and on Sunday when she was working in the theatre. Goodnight Mister Tom was first published in the UK in 1981. It has won numerous awards including The Guardian Children’s Fiction Award.

What is Michelle Magorian full name?

Michelle Jane Magorian
Michelle Jane Magorian. Where were you born? In Southsea which is in Portsmouth.

Who wrote Goodnight Mr Tom?

Michelle MagorianGoodnight Mister Tom / AuthorMichelle Magorian is an English author of children’s books. She is best known for her first novel, Goodnight Mister Tom, which won the 1982 Guardian Prize for British children’s books and has been adapted several times for screen or stage. Two other well-known works are Back Home and A Little Love Song. Wikipedia

Who is the boy in Mister Tom?

Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson is an English actor who has appeared regularly on British television, most famously as William Beech in Goodnight Mister Tom, starring John Thaw.

When was Goodnight Mr Tom written?

1981Goodnight Mister Tom / Date written

Who wrote Mister Tom?

Michelle MagorianGoodnight Mister Tom / Story by

When did Michelle Magorian get married?

PERSONAL: Born 1947, in Portsmouth, England; married, 1987; children: two sons. Education: Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, diploma, 1969; University of London, certificate in film studies, 1984; attended L’Ècole Internationale de Mime, 1969-70.

What nationality is Michelle Magorian?

EnglishMichelle Magorian / Nationality