Is grapeshot good PVZ2?

Grapeshot is an excellent plant to use in Pirate Seas as he can easily deal with hordes of several Swashbuckler Zombies that tend to ambush the player. He can also be useful against Barrel Roller Zombies, especially if these zombies appear with groups of other zombies, as then the shots can easily hit them.

What is the toughest plant in PVZ2?

Primal Wall-nut. All I can say is « it survives several Gargantuar blasts. » It also has a fast recharge and costs 25 more sun.

What is the most popular plant in PVZ2?

Top 10 Plants in “Plants Vs. Zombies 2” (2020)

  • Lightning Reed.
  • Cold and Regular Snapdragon.
  • Laser Bean.
  • Regular and Primal Potato Mine.
  • Winter Melon.
  • Gold Bloom.
  • Shadow Peashooter.
  • Sun-shroom.

What is the toughest zombie in PVZ2?

Octo Zombie
Octo Zombie He is the third zombie to appear in PvZ2 to have animals for assistants, the first being Pirate Captain Zombie, the second being Chicken Wrangler Zombie and the third being Weasel Hoarder. Octo Zombie is in fact the toughest among the four.

What is the weakest plant in PvZ2?

Chomper – *clapclapclapclapclap* Behold the worst plant in the game. They cost too much, always eat the wrong zombie and are useless without wall plants.

What is the cutest plant in PvZ2?

Top 15 Cutest Plants In PvZ2

  • 1.1 20. Sun-shroom.
  • 1.2 19. Peashooter.
  • 1.3 18. Bloomerang.
  • 1.4 17. Puff-shroom.
  • 1.5 16. Sweet Potato.

What is Jester zombie weakness?

Jester Zombie’s main weaknesses are area-of-effect attacks from plants like Lightning Reed, Fume-shroom, Laser Bean, and Snapdragon. These types of plants work since they do not have solid projectiles to hit Jester Zombie with.

Is ice peashooter a female?

Flaming Pea and Fire Peashooter are both female. (And possibly the same plant?) That’s just a redesign. Many plants have changed between games.