Is Greek life big at LSU?

Greek organizations are the largest and most visible values-based organizations on campus. In its 154th year, Greek life remains an integral part of Louisiana State University. More than 5,000 students are Greek — 25 percent of the student body — and make up 38 Greek organizations.

What happened to Delta Tau Delta at LSU?

The sorority was initially put on probation after a secret initiation ceremony where sisters allegedly put eggs, whipped cream and syrup in the pledges’ hair. Delta Sigma Theta national headquarters later initiated a move to ban the sorority from LSU through July 28, 2019.

What percent of LSU is Greek?

Greek life remains an integral part of Louisiana State University. More than 6,000 students are Greek, 23 percent of the student body, and make up the 37 Greek organizations.

How much does it cost to rush at LSU?

You must register with LSU Panhellenic to participate in recruitment. What is the fee for recruitment? The cost of recruitment is $150.

Does LSU haze?

It is our hope that the fraternities and sororities at LSU do not haze/mistreat their new members. But in the event that you suspect hazing or learn about it, it’s important that you take action to prevent and confront a potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

How long has ADPi been at LSU?

The Omega Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Louisiana State University was founded on May 29, 1914. Omega is the twenty-third chapter of ADPi and has a very unique history. After leaving campus, we recolonized in the Fall of 2016 keeping our original chapter name.

How much does it cost to be in a sorority at LSU?

Membership dues range anywhere from $220–502 per semester. If the social fee is not included in the dues, it ranges from $160-230. Most sororities offer meal plans that range from $325–$940. If you do not live in the house, you will be asked to pay a house usage fee, which is usually between $325–$800.