Is Guru Nanak born in Hindu family?

Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in Talvandi, a place now renamed Nankana Sahib, in the state of Punjab in present-day Pakistan. His parents were Hindus and they were Khatri by caste, which meant that they had a family tradition of account-keeping.

Who wrote Guru Nanak’s biography?

Guru Angad Dev Ji
Guru Angad Dev Ji was the guru who wrote the biographies of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Who is Sardar Sobha Singh?

Sardar Sobha Singh — One of the greatest Indian artists of twentieth century S. Sobha Singh was born on 29 Nov. 1901 at Sri Hargobindpur (Gurdaspur), India.

What is the real name of Guru Nanak?

NanakGuru Nanak / Full name

Who gave witness for Bhagat Singh?

Hans Raj Vohra
Died 13 September 1985 Maryland, US
Other names Hans R. Vohra
Occupation Journalist
Known for Testimony (approver) in the 1929–30 Lahore Conspiracy Case Trial of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru

What is the art form of Punjab?

Phulkari is a traditional pattern of weaving in Punjab. It is popular with the women of Punjab from the15 th century. Among the Art and Craft of Punjab, Phulkari is the most popular handiwork in India and abroad. Phulkari is mainly associated with flower embroidery.

Did Guru Nanak really exist?

Yes , Guru Nanak dev ji, was an actual person . He was born on 15 April 1469 at Rāi Bhoi Kī Talvaṇḍī, now called Nankana Sahib, near Lahore, Pakistan. He was the son of Kalyan Chand Das Bedi and Mata Tripta. His father was a patwari (accountant) for crop revenue in the village of Talwandi.

What did God say to Guru Nanak?

He heard a voice say, “I am.” It was the voice of God. “You are filled with joy. All who follow you will be happy. Don’t let your mind get dirty from anything in this world. Recite the Naam, share it with others. Be kind to everyone. I am God of the universe and you must now go and teach.” Guru Nanak was completely merged with God.

What did Guru Nanak do in his life?

Nanak married and entered business, but remained focused on God and meditation. Eventually Nanak became a wandering minstrel. He composed poetry in praise of one God, and set it to music. He rejected idolatry, and the worship of demigods.

Did Guru Nanak have a wife?

The relatively high social rank of the Khatris distinguishes Nanak from other Indian religious reformers of the period and may have helped promote the initial growth of his following. He married the daughter of a Khatri, who bore him two sons.