Is homeopathy good for cats?

Despite the controversy regarding its efficiency, homeopathy is very beneficial for the treatment of acute, chronic ailments and behavioral problems in cats and dogs and other animals.

What is Robinia for?

Robinia is a herbal remedy that cures many symptoms associated with hyperacidity such as nausea, indigestion and frontal headache. It is helpful in treating wounds caused by burns.

Does homeopathy work on pets?

Homeopathy concentrates on care of the whole animal with methods that are specific, gentle and sympathetic to the body’s needs. It is based on the utilization of specially prepared, refined dilutions of herbs, minerals and other natural substances, and can be a great alternative treatment option for pets.

Can arnica be given to cats?

Whether the discomfort stems from arthritis or muscle bruising or trauma, arnica can be used topically for your dog or cat as an ointment. We use this sunflower daily topically in an herbal ointment (Heal-Care Ointment) for bruising and discomfort.

What is Bacillinum made from?

A nosode of tuberculosis named and first described by Dr. Burnett, for whom it was prepared from tuberculous sputum by Dr. Heath.

How do you use Robinia?

Directions For Use: Take 10-15 drops of Robinia Pseudocacia Mother Tincture diluted in half cup of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

What is natrum Phos used for?

Reckeweg Natrium Phosph Biochemic Tablet is also known as the phosphate of sodium Dilution. It is useful against symptoms caused due to increase in lactic acid. Complaints related to excess of acidity is treated by it. It is also useful against dyspepsia, dull feeling and dizziness of head and heartburn.

How do I give my cat homeopathic pellets?

With pets, a more effective way is to either put a couple of pellets inside the mouth flap, on the gum, or mix the dry pellets into purified or distilled water and syringe it onto their tongue, or to shake it up and give by teaspoonful, we recommend to visit Pets Get The Best for further details.

What is homeopathy for cats?

Homeopathy actually stimulates the body to heal itself, strengthens the immune system, and leaves the body in a better state of health than before it became sick. When determining the right remedy, the symptoms, behavior, mood, likes and dislikes of the cat are all taken into account.

Are vets using homeopathy correctly?

Many vets “dabble” in natural therapies and will say they use homeopathy. But homeopathy is a very difficult ART to master – it requires years of study and practice and experience to use it correctly and well in chronic diseases. Unless a vet is using Homeopathy as their sole therapy, they are most likely not using it correctly.

Can homeopathic remedies help a breathing problem in cats?

A popular homeopathic remedy used for cats that experience nasal and ocular discharges (caused by infections or allergies) is the allium cepa. This ingredient may also help in breathing problems.

Can homeopathic remedies treat itching in cats with skin rash?

Once it is diluted and made into a homeopathic remedy, however, it will treat itching in a cat with skin rash. A single homeopathic remedy is chosen to treat the whole animal or person, including their mental, emotional and physical symptoms.