Is it normal to want to be pregnant but not want a baby?

For decades, researchers and physicians tended to think about pregnancies as either planned or unplanned. But new data reveals that for a significant group of women, their feelings don’t neatly fit into one category or another. As many as one-fifth of women who become pregnant aren’t sure whether they want a baby.

What do you do if your pregnant and you don’t want kids?

People who are pregnant have 3 options:

  1. Parenting — giving birth and raising the child.
  2. Abortion — taking medication or having a medical procedure that ends the pregnancy.
  3. Adoption — giving birth and placing your child with another person or family permanently.

What are some options if you dont want to have a baby?


  • Closed adoption. In a closed adoption, you have no contact with the child or their adoptive family once you give birth and place the child for adoption.
  • Open adoption. An open adoption allows you to keep in touch with the child’s adoptive family.
  • Direct placement adoption.
  • Agency adoption.

Is it weird to want to be pregnant?

It’s not at all unusual to find that during a point (or points) in your life you feel a strong desire to have a child. This happens to many people of all genders and ages. (Though that’s not to say that there are not people who never feel the urge to reproduce.

Why am I so afraid of having a baby?

Some women have a severe fear of childbirth because they have had a traumatic birth experience. In this case, they may have post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a different condition to tokophobia and needs different treatment.

How do you avoid having kids?

9 Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

  1. Contraception.
  2. Don’t miss a dose.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Double up.
  5. Use condoms correctly.
  6. Track your ovulation.
  7. Emergency contraception.
  8. Think long term.

Is it OK to not want kids?

It’s completely normal that some people, both men and women, won’t desire children in their lifetime, Ambardar says. Even if this life choice is still viewed as unconventional in society, it’s important that people who are contemplating a child-free life avoid conforming just to fit in.

How do you decide to have a baby?

We asked some experts what to consider if you’re thinking about having a baby.

  1. Face your feelings honestly.
  2. Gather a support network — including friends, family and even colleagues.
  3. Assess your finances.
  4. Assess your fertility.
  5. Know that this is your decision, and there’s no right or wrong answer.