Is Les Mills a New Zealand company?

Fully New Zealand owned and operated, Les Mills is a team of passionate, positive professionals who have been making a difference in people’s lives since Olympian Les Mills opened the Auckland club in 1968. Now, 50 years later, we have grown to 12 clubs nationwide and more than 60,000 members.

What is the most popular Les Mills class?

BodyPump Perhaps the most popular Les Mills program is BodyPump, a weight-based group-fitness class that promises to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the entire body. The program combines cardio and strength training, and is taught in a 60-minute format, arranged to the 8 tracks on a CD produced by Les Mills International.

Is Les Mills still on TVNZ?

After proving a hit during the first Covid-19 lockdown, free group fitness classes created by Les Mills will be screening for free on TVNZ platforms from early next year.

How many Les Mills are there in NZ?

We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated, with 12 clubs from Auckland to Dunedin, each providing a unique fitness and wellbeing offering, explore them below.

What countries have Les Mills?

Les Mills is the undisputed world leader in group fitness. Our international business is overseen from our global headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand with offices in London, Hamburg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Stockholm, Chicago and Dubai.

What is the best Les Mills class for weight loss?

BODYCOMBAT | 740 CALORIES BURNED With Bodycombat burning the most calories from the list above that makes it the best Les Mill class for weight loss (from a calories perspective).

Why is Les Mills so popular?

WHY ARE LES MILLS PROGRAMS SO POPULAR? The aim of these exercise programs is to improve the fitness of everyone on planet Earth. Les Mills fans are adamant that they do not feel coerced into exercising. Rather, they credit Les Mills routines with amplifying their passion for exercise.

Who is Les Mills wife?

These are company founder and four-time Olympian Les Mills Snr, his wife Colleen, who also represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games and who died in 2005, aged 71; their son Phillip and his wife Dr Jackie Mills MD; along with their two children Diana and Les Mills Jnr.

Is Les Mills on TVNZ on demand?

LES MILLS On Demand. LES MILLS and TVNZ are thrilled to be working together to offer you free access to renowned Les Mills classes. Choose from BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK, LES MILLS CORE and LES MILLS GRIT CARDIO. Visit for full access, including a free subscription trial.

What time is Les Mills on TVNZ?

Les Mills’ group fitness classes will screen on TVNZ 1 at 9am and TVNZ 2 at 3pm every Monday to Friday, and online at TVNZ OnDemand.