Is Loveless ongoing?

Loveless (ラブレスraburesu) is an ongoing shōnen-ai fantasy manga by Yun Kouga. It is currently serialized in the monthly magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha and nine volumes of tankobon have been released.

Is the Loveless manga good?

5.0 out of 5 stars A quality shounen-ai manga. Yun Kouga’s Loveless ranks among the best shōjo (“young women’s”) titles ever constructed. Yun Kouga is at the peak of her dreamy, ephemeral art and every panel is clean and captivating. Her simple but sharp dialogue is complemented by a readable translation.

What genre is Loveless manga?

Romance novelSupernatural fiction

What is Loveless manga about?

A running manga series and 12-episode anime created by Yun Kouga, Loveless follows the story of a 12-year-old Ritsuka as he searches for the truth behind his brother Seimei’s murder — and, unexpectedly, inherits his brother’s Fighter Unit, 20-year-old college student Soubi, who in their first meeting declares …

Is there a season 2 of loveless?

Summary: Loveless is based off of the manga series “Loveless” written by Yun Kouga. When Seimei is killed suddenly, twelve-year-old Aoyagi Ritsuka is left alone with his insane mother.

How old is Soubi?

Soubi Agatsuma, also known as Beloved, is one of the main characters of the Loveless anime and light novels. A twenty-year-old art student. He is a former student of Shichisei Gakuen, a school for fighters where Ritsu Minami was his teacher.

Who is Ritsuka’s real fighter?

Nisei is cunning and devious. Nisei is the real Fighter of Beloved. He gathers information about Ritsuka Aoyagi by spying on him for Seimei.

How many episodes of Loveless are there?

twelve episodes
The episodes of Loveless are based on the manga of the same name by Yun Kōga. The twelve episodes anime adaptation was made by J.C. STAFF, and first aired in Japan from April 2005 to June 2005.