Is Manitobah Mukluks a Canadian company?

We will continue to make Manitobah more accessible to more people, and we will continue to make footwear using the same high-quality materials and thousand year-old designs that define us — whether it’s a handcrafted Storyboot, Canadian-made item or a mukluk or moccasin produced outside of Canada.

Are Manitobah Mukluks made by natives?

Manitobah is an Indigenous-owned company with 50% Indigenous staff. We make mukluks here and in our own ethical factory in Vietnam.

Do Manitobah Mukluks fit true to size?

Mukluks and Moccasins with the Tipi sole are true to size and will stretch slightly with wear to form a custom, comfortable fit.

Is moccasins Canada Indigenous owned?

100% Native owned and operated moccasin shop, made in Canada 🍁 We specialize in moccasins designed to be worn outside with superior comfort with our famous double leather foam insole. Like a slipper you can wear everywhere!

Are Manitobah mukluks made in Vietnam?

Who owns manitobah?

Sean McCormick
When Sean McCormick started selling leather and fur to aboriginal artisans as a high school student, he never expected his company would someday be one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in Canada – and a model of Indigenous business success.

Are Manitobah Mukluks made in Vietnam?

Are Manitobah Mukluks made in Manitoba?

Where are your products made? Many of our signature products are made at our headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada, including our Iconic Kanada Collection as well as our Métis, Corrine Hunt, and Deerskin collections. Our Storyboot items are handcrafted by elders and artisans in Indigenous communities.

Should I spray my Manitobah mukluks?

It can be spot cleaned with a non-abrasive soap, but otherwise it has natural oils to protect it from most elements. We do not recommend spraying your fur with sealants or synthetic sprays.

Which mukluks are made in Canada?

Beautiful Kanada unites classic mukluk warmth and design with a city-friendly sole and extra-tall 15-inch shaft. Kanada mukluks are Made in Canada and feature beadwork by Indigenous artist and teacher, Rosa Scribe (Cree, Norway House).

Who owns manitobah moccasins?