Is Me too still on CBeebies?

Me Too! is a British live action educational television programme for preschool children broadcast on BBC Two and CBeebies from September 2006 to March 2007.

What kids Programme was Chris McCausland in?

Me Too!
Christopher John McCausland (born c. 1977) is a British actor and comedian. He is known to television audiences for his role as Rudi in the CBeebies show Me Too!

Where is Granny Murray’s house?

It’s a place where anything can happen, and often does.” Impressive as the city is, the star of the show is Granny Murray, who looks after the children of working parents in her basement flat in Tattiemoon Lane.

Who plays Granny Murray?

Jane McCarryGranny Murray / Played by

Are Tweenies puppets?

The original prototypes for the Tweenies characters were designed by Sally Preisig of Mimics Productions; they were later re-scaled into two sizes for the characters shown on the series. In addition, Preisig also designed the character costumes and was co-constructor/developer for the Tweenies’ full-size puppets.

Who is the black girl called London?

London Dionne Micha Stacey Stephanie Estina Knibbs-Hughes was born in Thornton Heath, South London in England. Her mother is of Jamaican and Cuban ancestry, while her father is of Puerto Rican, Spanish and Nigerian ancestry. Her great grandfather was Enos Knibbs.

Who is the blind comedian Chris?

Chris McCausland
Chris McCausland is a 43-year-old blind stand-up comedian and actor originally from Liverpool but now living in South West London. He has been touring the comedy circuit for more than 15 years and is best known for playing Rudi in the programme Me Too! on CBeebies.

How old is Jane Mccarry?

About 52 years (1970)Jane McCarry / Age

Who plays Isa Drennan?

Jane McCarryIsa Drennan / Played by

How old is Isa Still Game?

Isa Drennan is a fictional character in the Scottish sitcom, Still Game. She is played by Jane McCarry. Isa is reknowned for her nosiness and having all the latest gossip. Isa is 72 years old.

Who is the oldest tweenie?

Millions of Tweenie dolls will be in the shops by Christmas. The oldest Tweenie, Bella, is nearly five; she is very bossy and adores dressing up.