Is NeuroNation effective?

A long-term study by MSH Medical School Hamburg and the University of Würzburg has shown that NeuroNation exercises performed from home, without instruction and supervision, are effective.

Is brain training real?

The reality is that brain training may or may not work, but engaging in mentally stimulating activities is always a good thing. Finding ways to challenge your brain may help you feel sharper now and protect your brain as you age.

What is the use of NeuroNation app?

NeuroNation is an app targeted at increasing your cognitive performance, improving your memory, and lengthening your attention span. Improve your logical thinking with more than 30 targeted cognitive exercises designed to get you thinking better in all areas of your life.

How much does brain train cost?

Brain Train’s Sensorimotor Therapy is delivered at the cost of $193.99 per hour.

How much does NeuroNation cost?


Name Website Number of Games + Price
NeuroNation 60+ Games * $84.00 (yearly) * $290.00 (lifetime)
Posit Science 29 Games * $96.00 (yearly)
Fit Brains 56 Games * $49.99 (yearly) * $199.00 (lifetime)

What is the best app for brain training?

Five of the best brain-training apps

  • Peak. Android / iOS (Free + in-app purchases) Peak.
  • Elevate. Android / iOS (Free + in-app purchases) Elevate.
  • Lumosity. Android / iOS (Free + in-app purchases) Lumosity.
  • Fit Brains Trainer. Android / iOS (Free + in-app purchases) Fit Brains Trainer.
  • Cognito. iOS (Free + in-app purchases)

Is the NeuroNation app free?

The app is free to download and free to register, although there is a ‘Premium’ option that may be selected once registered (more on that later). Following registration (with an option to log in with Google or Facebook accounts if preferred), you will be greeted by an introductory video.

Is the Neuronation app free?