Is Punta Arenas worth visiting?

Punta Arenas is known as the gateway to Antarctica, and makes for the ultimate jumping off point for exploring the epic natural surroundings. But before you go further afield, take some time to get to know this welcoming city filled with great food, friendly locals, fun festivals and worthwhile sights and activities.

Can you drink tap water in Puerto Natales Chile?

After few weeks in Chile, we got used to drinking safe water from the tap. When we came to Puerto Natales (city closest to the national park) and started to prepare for our trek, we were informed from several sources that the water in the national park is very good, clean and safe to drink.

How far is Punta Arenas from Patagonia?

It’s about 200 miles (320 kilometers) and a 4-hour drive by car between Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine National Park. Go with a driver or rent a car to make this scenic trip—car rentals are available at the airport and in the city center.

Where do you fly into to get to Torres del Paine?

Punta Arenas
The Nearest Airport: Punta Arenas The Punta Arenas airport, located 360 kilometers and 5 hours south of Torres del Paine National Park. It’s the closest airport to the park and has daily non-stop flights from Santiago.

Can you see penguins in Punta Arenas?

Types of Penguins you can see in Punta Arenas, Chile From Punta Arenas, there are two different penguin colonies or types of penguins you can visit. They are the King penguins and the Magellanic penguins.

How safe is Punta Arenas?

Crime rates in Punta Arenas, Chile

Level of crime 19.84 Very Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 25.00 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 19.84 Very Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 15.30 Very Low
Problem corruption and bribery 17.50 Very Low

When did Chile privatize water?

The privatisation of water sources in Chile dates back to the Pinochet dictatorship of 1973 to 1990. The 1980 Constitution enshrined the private ownership of water. This was maintained, and even deepened, following the democratic transition, since sanitation was also privatised.

How do I get from Patagonia to Punta Arenas?

Punta Arenas is located around five hours south of Torres del Paine. Unfortunately, no direct route between the two exists. Instead, your main option is to take a bus from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales, the closest town to the park.

How do you get to Punta Arenas Chile?

Punta Arenas can be reached by air, land, or sea. The “Carlos Ibañez del Campo” international airport is on the outskirts of the city with numerous connections to Puerto Montt and Santiago. Planes are met by taxis and transfer buses making it easy to transfer to downtown Punta Arenas in no more than a 15 minute ride.

Is Torres del Paine worth visiting?

Torres del Paine’s jagged mountain massif and glacial lakes are undeniably beautiful, and worth a visit for most every traveler. As long as you’re prepared to handle some crowds along the trail (and brave some high winds), you won’t be disappointed by the magnificent Patagonian scenery.

How many days do you need to see Torres del Paine?

We tend to recommend at least 3 nights to explore the area, although many of the longer walks are up to a week. Located approximately 150kms to the north of the small town of Puerto Natales, the Torres del Paine National Park is certainly one of the high points of any trip to Chile.