Is Ramji Rao Speaking a remake?

The core plot of the movie was based on the 1971 TV movie See The Man Run. Fazil remade this film in Tamil as Arangetra Velai, with Mamukkoya and Vijayaraghavan reprising their role and the character of “Gopalakrishnan” being replaced by a female….

Ramji Rao Speaking
Country India
Language Malayalam

Who is the director of Mannar Mathai Speaking 2?

MamasMannar Mathai Speaking 2 / DirectorMamas Ramachandran, better known as Mamas, is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and caricaturist. He made his directorial debut in 2010 with Paappi Appacha. Wikipedia

Who is the actress in Mannar Mathai Speaking?

Vani ViswanathStella Fernandez, Meera
Geetha VijayanMeeraSukumariGopalakrishnan’s MotherKaviyoor PonnammaMeera’s MotherKuttyedathi Vilasini
Mannar Mathai Speaking/Actresses

Who is the director of Mannar Mathai Speaking?

Mani C. Kappan
Mannar Mathai Speaking/Directors

Is Hera Pheri a remake of Ramji Rao Speaking?

Hera Pheri ( transl. Monkey business) is a 2000 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Priyadarshan, starring Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Tabu. The film is a remake of the 1989 Malayalam film Ramji Rao Speaking which itself was based on the 1971 TV movie See The Man Run.

When was Mannar Mathai Speaking released?

1995Mannar Mathai Speaking / Initial release

Who is most successful actor in Bollywood?

Dilip Kumar Dilip Kumar is recognized as the greatest and most successful Bollywood actor ever of Indian cinema. He debuted as an actor in the movie Bollywood Jwar Bhata (1944).

Which movie is Hera Pheri copied from?

Is Phir Hera Pheri a remake of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

The central plot takes inspiration from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998). Upon its release on 9 June 2006, the film became a major commercial success and attained cult status.