Is Rifles for Watie a true story?

Set during the American Civil War, the plot revolves around the fictional sixteen-year-old Jefferson Davis Bussey, who is caught up in the events of history. Actual historical personages (e.g. Generals Stand Watie and James G.

What happens at the end of Rifles for Watie?

The novel ends in June 1865, when Jeff returns to his family’s farm after his discharge from the army, but Keith suggests that Jeff will soon return to the Cherokee Nation to marry Lucy Washbourne. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Rifles for Watie.

What is the book Rifles for Watie about?

Rifles for Watie is a historical fiction book written by Harold Keith. The book is about Jeff Bussey and his struggles in fighting in the war while also seeing both sides of it. In the country south of Kansas there was dread in the air; and the name, Stand Watie, was on every single person in the war’s tongue.

How many pages are in Rifles for Watie?

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What is the climax of Rifles for Watie?

Main Character The climax is when Jeff finds out his Union captain is selling guns to the rebels, as for this reason, he is chased away from the rebel camp, and a bloodhound catches him but the rebels don’t. He then escapes safely back to his camp and tells the others.

What is the conflict in Rifles for Watie?

16. The main conflict was Jeff having to take one the firing squad’s members place. The rising action starts when Jeff was recruited to see an execution of a rebel spy. The climax is when one of the people in the firing squad fainted and Captain Asa made Jeff take his spot.