Is Robin Schulz related to Markus Schulz?

Although in saying that, it’s a privilege to be sharing the main stage on Saturday with two people I greatly admire – Paul van Dyk as one of the greatest ambassadors in the history of our scene, and I’m delighted he has come back after his difficulties this year; and also Robin Schulz, who is of no relation to me at …

What age is Robin Schulz?

35 years (April 28, 1987)Robin Schulz / Age

Who is the kid in the Robin Schulz sugar video?

actor Nathan Barnatt
Physical comedy actor Nathan Barnatt is visceral and hilarious in this music video/movie short.

What genre is Robin Schulz?

Deep house
Robin Schulz/Genres

How old is Francesco Yates?

26 years (September 11, 1995)Francesco Yates / Age

What nationality is Markus Schulz?

Markus Schulz/Nationality

Who wrote Suga Suga?

Baby Bash
Frankie JHappy Perez
Suga Suga/Composers

Who played guitar on Suga Suga?

It features vocals by Canadian singer Fransisco Yates. Schulz has had some huge hits with remixes of older songs like “Waves” and “Prayer in C.” With his new song “Sugar” Schulz samples the chorus and guitar loop from the song “Suga Suga” by Baby Bash and Frankie J.

What genre is Kygo?

Electronic dance music
Deep houseDance/Electronic

Is Jasmine A Thompson?

Jasmine Ying Thompson (born 8 November 2000) is an English singer and songwriter. Thompson began her career at the age of ten by filming herself singing and uploading the videos to YouTube….

Jasmine Thompson
Occupation(s) Songwriter
Instruments Vocals guitar piano
Years active 2010–present
Labels Atlantic

What nationality is Francesco Yates?

CanadianFrancesco Yates / Nationality