Is San Isidro de El General Safe?

SAFETY FACTOR: San Isidro, with its old-country flavor and stable population boasts an excellent safety rate for its inhabitants.

What’s Costa Rica known for?

Costa Rica is known for its incredible national parks, where tourists can enjoy some thrilling activities like river rafting, canyoning, cave tubing, and zip lining. It’s also one of the best places for animal lovers to discover some interesting wildlife like macaws, sea turtles, and adorable sloths.

Is Perez Zeledon a city?

Location. San Isidro de El General is located about 80 miles (130 km) south-southeast of Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose, right on the Inter-Americana Highway. It lies within the canton of Perez Zeledon, and some people use that as a nickname, calling the city Perez Zeledon or simply Perez.

What is the biggest problem in Costa Rica?

Overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient access to health care, and violence remain serious problems in Costa Rica’s prisons.

Why is Costa Rica so poor?

And without a doubt, income inequality is one of the main causes of poverty in Costa Rica. Urban Costa Ricans are largely outpacing rural Costa Ricans when it comes to income. The top 20 percent of earners make an average of $4,650 per month, while the bottom twenty percent make only $360.

Does it get cold in Costa Rica?

Average dry season temperatures are mid 70s F (24 C) during the day, cooling down to the 60s F (18 C) at night. In rainy season, temperatures can drop all the way down to 50s F (12-14 C) at night. The Central Valley is known for having the most comfortable weather in Costa Rica.

Can you bribe cops in Costa Rica?

The police officer will be unlikely to give it to you because you need the ticket to file a complaint about being asked for a bribe. They don’t want you to be able to file the complaint, so they are apparently unlikely to issue the ticket.

Can you bribe Costa Rican police?

If you are a victim of a crime remember it’s illegal to bribe police or court officers to do their jobs. However it is legal to hire a private lawyer to prosecute the case and it’s often more effective than bribing the state prosecutor to actually work on the case.

Who is the current president of Costa Rica?

Carlos Alvarado was the winner in the second round by a wide margin. The Constitution of Costa Rica prohibits the incumbent president of the Republic from serving consecutive terms, making the current president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, ineligible to run in 2022.

Does Costa Rica have an army?

Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country and it has not had an army since the year 1948. Although the country is small and it covers only 0.03 percent of the surface of the globe, it proudly shelters 5 percent of the existing biodiversity in the entire world.

What are the provinces of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, and Limón. Each province is divided into cantons, which are further subdivided into districts. The country’s marine territory consists of the Isla del Coco, a World Natural Heritage site, located 548 km from Cabo Blanco, in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the history of Costa Rica’s national coat of arms?

The 1849 national coat of arms was featured in the first postal stamp issued in 1862. In 1838, long after the Federal Republic of Central America ceased to function in practice, Costa Rica formally withdrew and proclaimed itself sovereign.