Is September a good time to go to Jamaica?

September and October are the cheapest months to visit Jamaica and still offer sunshine despite the chance of rain. The springtime is a good time too, offering sunny weather and cheaper prices without big crowds of tourists.

Is September a rainy month in Jamaica?

It has tropical weather with high temperatures all year round although September is one of the island’s wettest months. It often rains in short, heavy downpours which can quickly clear to leave clear blue skies.

How much does it rain in Jamaica in September?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during September in Montego Bay is rapidly increasing, starting the month at 3.8 inches, when it rarely exceeds 7.6 inches or falls below 1.1 inches, and ending the month at 5.7 inches, when it rarely exceeds 12.2 inches or falls below 1.9 inches.

Is it hurricane season in Jamaica in September?

The hurricane season officially runs from 1 June to 30 November, with August and September its peak months. Rainfall in Jamaica is highest between June and November, typically peaking during October and November. Jamaica is less badly affected by tropical storms than other, more northerly Caribbean islands.

Are there hurricanes in Jamaica in September?

August, September, and October are the most likely months for a hurricane in Jamaica.

What is the wettest month in Jamaica?

The wettest months in Kingston are from September to October. Ocho Rios receives around 37 inches of rain per year, with September and October being the wettest months. Keep in mind Jamaica seldom sees a full day of rain.

Is Jamaica cold in September?

The daytime temperatures in Jamaica in September are a bit lower than in July and August with 88 °F. The chance of rain increases slightly compared to previous months and the ocean temperature is around 84 °F. The wind is calm and nighttime temperatures are around 75 – 79 °F.

Is it hot in Jamaica in September?

Daytime temperatures usually reach 31°C in Montego Bay, Jamaica in September with very high heat and humidity, falling to 23°C at night.

What is the best month to go to Jamaica?

The best time to visit Jamaica is from November to early December — hurricane season has ended, and the hotels and restaurants are all open, but you’ll be able to enjoy the island without the busier number of visitors that arrive in mid-December. Similarly, late April and May are also less busy.