Is Sergei in Shadow and Bone?

Julian Kostov portrayed Fedyor in Shadow and Bone, and this isn’t his first time in fantasy. In fact, Kostov has a recurring role in the popular fantasy/magic show A Discovery of Witches, where he plays Timur. He also had a recurring role in the drama Berlin Station, playing Sergei Basarov.

Who was the darkling girlfriend?

Many centuries ago, known then as the Black Heretic, the Darkling returned home to his partner Luda, who was also a Grisha Healer.

Who betrayed Alina?

After leaving the Spinning Wheel, he betrayed Alina and Nikolai, telling one of the Darkling’s Oprichnik where Nikolai and Alina stayed. As a result, the Darkling attacked the Spinning Wheel and punished Sergei in front of Alina’s eyes for his betrayal, having his shadow warriors cut off Sergei’s legs, arms, and head.

Who betrayed Alina in Shadow and Bone?

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series saw Alina Starkov experience several painful betrayals, including one by Genya Safin — but here’s why she ultimately seemed to forgive her deception. Played by Jessie Mei Li, Alina was plucked from mapmaking obscurity after unleashing a dormant power.

Is General Kirigan evil?

Kirigan has cast himself as the villain. He is the one who has gone too far. It’s his behavior and his inability to see past himself that has cost him a hold on the person he thought he was. A protector, a leader of his people.

How old is Alina?

BEST: Making the Darkling look older In the books, the Darkling appears to be only a few years older than Alina, who is 17.

Did Alina sleep with the darkling?

With Kirigan out of the study, Grisha mentor Baghra (Zoë Wanamaker) appears to shatter Alina’s lovestruck bubble. It’s here that Alina finds out the man she was just about to sleep with is the historical Darkling, who created the Shadow Fold and now has a dastardly plan for Alina.

What did the darkling do to Genya?

Genya hasn’t seen her parents since she was five. Because of her uniqueness of being a gifted Tailor, the Darkling sent her as a gift to the Queen at a young age, making Genya her servant. Since she had slept in the Grand Palace and received privileges, the other Grisha treated her with resentment.

Who does Nikolai end up with?

Nikolai asks Alina to return with him to Ravka and help him to defeat the Darkling. He also proposes marriage to her, suggesting that such an alliance would make both of them stronger and allow them to unite the First and Second Armies against the Darkling.

Why did the darkling create the fold?

The Darkling is an extremely dark and manipulative person. He is power-hungry and had created the Fold with merzost, in order to use it against his enemies. In the process created the volcra which prevented him from expanding it. He is also ambitious.