Is Silverleaf a scam?

Silverleaf is a major scam, and may I please add that the $40 card you may be promised is a 40 point card… there is a difference. Not worth the time, effort or money.

Is Silverleaf Resorts still in business?

Based in Dallas, Texas, Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. currently owns and operates timeshare resorts with a wide array of country club-like amenities, such as golf, clubhouses, an indoor water park, swimming, tennis, boating, and many organized activities for children and adults.

How do I get out of a Silverleaf timeshare?

How to Cancel a Silverleaf Timeshare By Yourself?

  1. Gather your Silverleaf contract and any other documents.
  2. Log on to the Silverleaf resorts website or reach out to Holiday Inn Club Vacations.
  3. Speak to their customer service department and hear their terms.
  4. They will require you to send a cancellation letter.

Is Silverleaf a timeshare?

Silverleaf is a timeshare resort chain offering cozy resorts at family-friendly destinations throughout the United States. Family adventures and outdoor experiences can be found at each destination, and everyone is sure to have a great time on their vacation.

Where are all the Silverleaf Resorts located?

Silverleaf Resorts

  • Canyon Lake. Hill Country Resort.
  • Flint. Villages Resort.
  • Branson. Holiday Hills Resort.
  • South Lee. Oak ‘n Spruce Resort.
  • Galveston. Galveston Seaside Resort.
  • Conroe. Piney Shores Resort.
  • Sheridan. Fox River Resort.
  • Holly Lake Ranch. Holly Lake Resort.

Who bought Silverleaf Resorts?

Orange Lake
The new Silverleaf resorts, which were acquired by Orange Lake from Cerberus Capital Management in May 2015, will boost the Holiday Inn/Orange Lake portfolio to more than 26 properties across 12 states with more than 7,400 villas, said a release.

Is Silverleaf owned by Holiday Inn?

In 2015, Silverleaf was acquired by Orange Lake Resorts, who also owns the better known Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

How do I sell my Silverleaf timeshare?

Click on the “Sell My Silverleaf Timeshare” link. Fill out the information form on the right side of the page and click the “Sell My Timeshare Now” button at the bottom of the form. A company representative will call you to set up a sales contract.

Will Silverleaf owners be able to use Holiday Inn Resorts?

As an owner, you still have access to all 13 formerly Silverleaf properties. Many owners are considering upgrading to Holiday Inn Club, which gives them access to the 13 Club resorts as well, but that’s absolutely not necessary. We’re happy to support our owners who wish to use their benefits the way they always have.

How does Silverleaf timeshare work?

Every timeshare operates under different terms, Silverleaf included. It starts by you purchasing a designated week for your vacation at a particular resort. The price depends on what resort you choose, the amount of time you want to stay and other factors. You can get bonus time through Silverleaf through an extra fee.

Who took over Silverleaf?

Orange Lake Resorts
In 2015, Silverleaf was acquired by Orange Lake Resorts, who also owns the better known Holiday Inn Club Vacations.