Is skutt a good kiln?

The Skutt 1027 Kiln, our top pick for an electric top loader Skutt kiln. Skutt Kilns are some of the most popular and dependable top-loading electric kilns on the market.

How much is an older kiln worth?

You can assume that a used kiln is worth 25% to 50% of that amount, maybe a little more/less, depending on wear, age, operating condition, etc. Sometimes getting a good price for your used kiln is just good luck; Find the perfect buyer for the kiln, and you get maximum value.

How long does a Skutt kiln last?

If you just need to put down a number of years and cannot find out all this stuff, a nice safe middle of the road number is about 10 years.

How heavy is a Skutt kiln?

Weight: 400 lbs., 0.00000 oz. This is the perfect automatic electric kiln for high production, with nearly 10 cubic feet of loading capacity.

How do I choose a Skutt kiln?

Materials such as porcelain and stoneware require the kiln to reach temperatures up to Cone 10 or 2350º F and materials such as glass only require the kiln to reach less then 1600° F. Whenever possible you should choose a kiln that exceeds your firing temperature needs.

How old is my kiln?

The serial number is on a data nameplate affixed to the control panel and represents the date the kiln was made. Usually the last two digits (before any suffixes) are the year in which it was made.

How much electricity does a kiln use?

How Much Power Your Kiln Uses. A kiln’s power consumption is largely dependent on its size and design. Smaller kilns that operate on a 120-volt standard household outlet will typically draw between 1.5 and 1.8 kilowatts whereas a medium-sized kiln will draw around 5 kW or 8 kW.

How hot does a Skutt kiln get?

At peak temperature, the outside of the kiln can get up to 460 °F. This is of course hot enough to burn someone who comes in contact with the kiln.

How many sides does a skutt 1027 have?

All Skutt 10 and 12-sided kilns come with a Lid Lifter as a standard feature. These spring-assisted lids are so light you can lift them with a finger. Compare them to other brands and you will feel the difference.

How hot is cone 4?


Cone number Orton Cones Final temp in degrees F at ramp rate of 27 degrees F/hr Orton Cones Final temp in degrees F at ramp rate of 108 degrees F/hr
6 2165 2232
5 2118 2167
4 2086 2142
3 2039 2106